How to Stay Productive While Working from Home


 To start with, it is true that staying productive while working from home is a challenge.  You’d think almost a year into this situation we would have adapted, but it is not easy at all. This is why you will find some handy tips to follow if you want to know more about staying productive while working from home.  

First, I would recommend you to get a nice place to work, meaning to arrange it so that it is pleasant for you to work online in that space. You can even choose to work outdoors if you prefer instead of working indoor. As long as you can choose a place that fits your preferences, and that guarantees you to focus on your tasks, it is your choice to decide where you will be working online. I suggest going outside in the Retiro, for example, when it is sunny out, as it helps me enjoy working online.  

Secondly, I would recommend you to schedule your work and your leisure, so you balance both.  This is important as it will enable you to be more productive when you are working online. So it is essential to schedule well in advance your day between your work time and your free time. Organisation is critical, especially now that we need to stay home to work and avoid being too much online. That is to say, it is important to distinguish your professional life from your personal life.  

 Alongside this last idea, I would recommend you to keep up exercising (indoors or outdoors) to increase your productivity. Moving your body throughout the day is crucial as it will give you the energy both at a mental and a physical level to keep up with all your tasks. Being the whole day online on the computer drains our energy, so it is essential to remind ourselves to enjoy exercising and release stress from online work. It can be a few stretches, dance movements or even a fitness workout: as long as you move your body, you are right!  

 Finally, I would say that, especially given the current situation we live in with COVID, it is more than ever important for us to be well surrounded. What I mean is to have our close family members and friends, supporting us morally. Knowing that we can count on them whenever we lack motivation is essential: they are the ones who can encourage us or can boost us  whenever needed! So, always keep in touch with them and do not hesitate to call or message them once in a while.  

 I sincerely hope you will have found those few tips useful for you! But most importantly, keep smiling and never give up: it might be challenging at the beginning to stay productive while working from home, but I promise you that if you implement that little advice in your life, then it should be fine! It is all about discipline and attitude. You got this!

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