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Welcome back to Winter in Segovia, everyone! 

If you’ve lived in Segovia long enough, you know that autumn here is sadly skipped, along with its cute instagram outfits, and we go straight to winter. The days start at a mere 6 degrees and just a few hours later it can be up to  20 degrees with a blue sky.

Because of these sudden changes, I had to start checking the weather forecast every night to make sure I was able to dress accordingly and wouldn’t freeze or end up drenched in sweat.

As the weather in Segovia changes a lot throughout the day, I started wearing multiple layers of clothing. This way I could be ready for every change that this town is hiding behind the corner and would highly recommend others to try doing the same.

Personally, one of my favourite parts of the day is opening my closet and looking for something that catches my eyes as soon as I wake up in the morning. And whatever attracts my sleepy eyes, and matches my mood is what I’m gonna wear. 

One thing I love about Segovia, is that, as everyone comes from the most different places and cultures, no one really judges anyone by what they wear, giving you endless freedom to experiment with particular outfits and combinations without having anyone staring at you.

Even when walking on the streets you can see the a whole range different styles. From skirts and crop tops, to skater style, to those who are running late to class and are in theirs pajamas or sweatpants. I believe how people dress is a way to express themselves and often their culture, which makes it interesting to watch people from IE walking around, as most of them come from many different backgrounds and therefore have different styles.

Because of this, I believe the best way to dress is as you feel the most comfortable or what you feel represents you and your daily mood better or makes you feel special!

In conclusion, my main advice is to explore all the possibilities that fashion can offer. Get inspired by instagram influencers or your friends, or even people who simply pass by on the streets, and discover the style that suits you the most.  

Although Segovia doesn’t offer the widest range of clothing stores, you can still get inspiration for the next time you go to Madrid or open up your browser and somehow end up online shopping! And what’s better for inspiration than instagram? 

My favourite fashion inspiration pages are:

1. Elsa Hosk (@hoskelsa)

Elsa, other than being a Victoria’s secret model and an absolute goddess, is one of the most inspiring profiles I’ve run into. She devotes her life to interior design, style, family and modelling. I love how she can be stylish even wearing sweatpants and dares to combine the most different styles. Furthermore, she does many Q&As or IGTVs where she gives advice on how to dress and where to find clothes and accessories from luxury brands at cheaper prices in thrift shops or online websites, such as etsy or vestiaire collective.

Screenshot 2020 10 22 at 15.15.58
Screenshot 2020 10 22 at 15.16.16


2. Lookwis (@lookwis)

Lookwis a fashion inspirational page for everyday outfits, I particularly like it because, differently than common inspo pages, the admins propose three slightly different versions of every style or concept they post, in order to inspire and leave space for creativity. The creator also has two other pages: @modeblogg, which is based on the same concept as @lookwis, and  @luvdenim, which as you may realise from the name, concentrates on all types of jeans and every possible tops combination you could find. All three are centred on street fashion, mainly  from influencers.

Screenshot 2020 10 22 at 15.20.30
Screenshot 2020 10 22 at 15.20.45

3. Giada Albani (@elenagiadaa)

Giada is an italian doctor, who created an instagram page where she shares her outfits and passion towards fashion. I Particularly like the fact that she plays with colours and patterns and different styles.

Screenshot 2020 10 22 at 16.23.32
Screenshot 2020 10 22 at 16.23.42

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