IE Women’s Football: First Win


Last Sunday, December 15th, the IE Women’s Football Team won their first game of the league! After months of hard work and constant improvement, the IE team put an end to the slope of losses. The final score of Sunday’s game was 5-2. Emma scored 2 goals and assisted 2 others, Pary scored 2 goals and Ainara (a.k.a Turtle scored the last one. 

During the game, the IE team showed determination and concentration. In fact, they played with heart and soul. They knew since their last game that this game was theirs. They had to win. Not only for themselves, or for the University, but also for all the hard work, the hours spent at training, the long bus rides, the far football pitches and the frustration from all the defeats. 

For the first time this year, the IE cheerleaders came to encourage the IE team. They showed amazing support throughout the game, and at the final whistle blow, they run into the pitch to perform a choreography they have been working on for weeks. It was a special moment that showed that the IE spirit existed after all. Since this game, the IE cheerleaders promised the IE team they would come to watch and support their games more often next semester. 

Finally, it is safe to say that hard work pays off and in athletics, the supporters can have a big influence on the players. Last Sunday’s game was also the last official game for the co-coach Ethan, and the midfielder Emma. Both of them became really important to the team. Ethan, with his personal experience, brought a new way of training and thinking to the team, while Emma improved along with the team and played an amazing last game. They will definitely be missed by their teammates!

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