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How Vitamins and Sports May Kill You

The combination of vitamins and sports supplements can also lead to negative effects. Hence, it is highly imperative to have an audience with a medical practitioner prior to embarking on any regimen that involves sports supplements or vitamins.

Carlos Sainz en IE University: “Why not?”

El día 17 de abril, la IE Tower estaba lista para una conversación fuera de lo habitual: Carlos Sainz, hablando sobre ganar y perder, el deporte y la vida.

BarçaGate: Inside FC Barcelona’s Scandal

On Thursday, March 23, UEFA announced that they would open an investigation into Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona, and what has become known as the “Negreira Case.” The announcement is huge for Spanish soccer and sports in general, and could have dire consequences for the club.

IE’s RHE Conference: A Student Perspective

In reality, all university students want the same thing: to know that their chosen institution will prepare them to make a difference in the world. Last week’s Reinventing Higher Education conference, only furthered this conclusion.

Russian Athletes Should Return to the Olympic Games

by Alexandra Eleferenko In recent days, the discussion about the possible return of Russian athletes to the Olympic Games is gaining momentum. For me, as...

The World Cup at IE: A Unique Opportunity

At the core of IE university lies diversity and a global mindset. An educational institution that withholds tens of different nationalities, cultures, and perspectives....

The FIFA World Cup has Landed at IE Segovia!

The most anticipated event of the year has finally arrived, landing with all its festivities at IE University. Football enthusiasts, and amateurs alike, can’t...

Derechos humanos: dentro y fuera del campo

Fuente de la imagen: © Maxppp - Philippe Renault “Derechos humanos: fuera y dentro del campo”. Con fuerza, retumbaba en el septuagésimo segundo Congreso de...

125 Fans Killed in Indonesian Football Incident

On October 1st, the Kanjuruhan stadium located in East Java in Indonesia was set to host a match between Arema and Persebaya Surabaya. Although...

Fan or Fanatic?: The Dark Side of Football

Chants, screams, and the thundering noise of hundreds in an overcrowded stadium enveloped the atmosphere at a soccer game in Indonesia.  Instead of all attention...


The AI That Will “Do No Harm”

Before a new physician can practice medicine, they take what is known as the Hippocratic Oath. Named after Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek Physician, the oath enumerates a number of ethics codes that are summarized as “first, do no harm.” Munjal Shah utilized this popular concept to name his new Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool; Hippocratic AI. 

Elly’s Light Enchanting Final Concert in Segovia

On the 19th of May was The Finale: Social Mingling, Outdoors Fun & Farewell at the Creativity Center in Segovia. Elly's Light, the music...

The IE Short Film Festival 2023

The following day, film buffs from campus and beyond came to the award ceremony to discover the ieSFF nominees. Nominations were created by an impressive jury panel, from producers and creatives in the field.