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Scommessopoli: the Latest Italian Football Scandal

The Stork breaks down Italian football's history with betting scandals,in light of recent developments in the club.

Why are students uninterested in the IE Athletic Center?

Students at IE appear to have a preference for alternative gym subscriptions over using free IE Athletic Center. Why? By Yevheniia Pohorila Maria: I attended the...

World Cup 2030 Assigned to Spain!

FIFA has announced the six co-hosts for World Cup 2023, one of whom is Spain. In anticipation, the Stork breaks down the historical significance around host countries and explains why 2030 will be a particularly exciting year for football.

Football Should Shed More Light on Humanitarian Issues

Clubs have to change this standard when it comes to humanitarian aid and football. There are so many incredible opportunities to aid people and normalize doing so in the world of spectator sports. Football needs to leverage these, and we have to hold them accountable for choosing not to.

The Reaction to Vinicius’ Racist Abuse Shows Exactly Why it Took Place

Valencia fans gathered where the bus was expected to pass by and chanted, but not in support of their own team. Instead, they shouted racial slurs directed at Brazilian Real Madrid forward Vinicius Jr..

How Vitamins and Sports May Kill You

The combination of vitamins and sports supplements can also lead to negative effects. Hence, it is highly imperative to have an audience with a medical practitioner prior to embarking on any regimen that involves sports supplements or vitamins.

Carlos Sainz en IE University: “Why not?”

El día 17 de abril, la IE Tower estaba lista para una conversación fuera de lo habitual: Carlos Sainz, hablando sobre ganar y perder, el deporte y la vida.

BarçaGate: Inside FC Barcelona’s Scandal

On Thursday, March 23, UEFA announced that they would open an investigation into Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona, and what has become known as the “Negreira Case.” The announcement is huge for Spanish soccer and sports in general, and could have dire consequences for the club.

IE’s RHE Conference: A Student Perspective

In reality, all university students want the same thing: to know that their chosen institution will prepare them to make a difference in the world. Last week’s Reinventing Higher Education conference, only furthered this conclusion.

Russian Athletes Should Return to the Olympic Games

by Alexandra Eleferenko In recent days, the discussion about the possible return of Russian athletes to the Olympic Games is gaining momentum. For me, as...


Unwrapping the Magic of Latin American Christmas Celebrations

Grab your cafecito and come along to learn about the holiday experience in Latin America

FOMO: A University Student’s Biggest Enemy

There’s a phenomenon that tends to be common among university students, a phenomenon that for some has never been a problem, and for others can be confusing and frustrating. I'm talking about FOMO.

Social Media: An empowering tool for attention-craving narcissists.

Narcissism is on the rise and digital media has become a powerful tool to empower an attention-fame-craving society.