“I have 1 Euro Left in My Bank Account” – Relatable much ?


Let’s talk straight. We’ve been mentally preparing for college for as long as we can remember. It’s quite normal; it’s a big and exciting step for us as students. We are finally leaving home; we get to be independent, do as we please and get that taste of young adulthood. Yet we have to be honest with ourselves as well – college is a big challenge, yes, but everything that comes with it is also fun, especially: money!


Let’s not fool ourselves. We’ve all gotten excited when we see that monthly deposit drop in our bank accounts. Having such an array of money in our hands is a huge responsibility, but for now, we’ll consider that some other time. So far, this possession just means FREEDOM. Spending unnecessary money? Everybody has time for that! Traveling, shopping, eating, partying, everything that we want just requires one subtle “swipe” and bam! The world in our hands!

But… it’s all fun and games until you check your bank account and realize that you can barely make it to the end of the month. Yes,  you are  “broke” – you have one euro left. But.. good news! You’re not the only one! Believe it or not, your fellow peers at IE stand in the same line as you, and we’ve decided to select the most relatable stories of “I Have 1 Euro Left in My Bank Account”.

The month starts and you’re doing just fine. Living in Segovia, you’re technically not expected to spend as much as if you were living in Madrid. You do your typical, grocery shopping, gym, monthly expenses, telephone bill. Then that night, that disastrous Thursday of the month comes to you. And I’m saying disastrous because it happens maybe 2 max 3 times in one month. So.. let’s talk Irish.

 “It all starts with the pre’s. Obviously we have to buy the right amount of booze for the night and, honestly, when it comes to alcohol, I’m not in record of what I spend. The real question is in what drunken stage was I to spend 30, 40, even 80 Euros on drinks and shots at Irish?! Probably that’s why I have 1 Euro left in my bank account…” Anonymous.

There’s another myth in which we all think “Freshman 15”  is really over, but, low-key, it’s really not. Around 9/10 IE students spend most of their budgets on Uber Eats. Yes, Uber Eats, which includes Damarios, Llao Llao and the new addition of Borgonesse, making it very easy to fall into temptations of tasty delivery food. 

“I actually realized that I did have a problem when all of my expenses ended in food ordering and I can’t resist it. Also, who can resist McDonalds fries or Burger King hamburgers after Irish?! Impossible!” – Anonymous.

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For all of the shopping enthusiasts who can relate, treating ourselves is expensive. For example, Zara tempts us every month by launching new clothes and having sales.  And did you know that they change most of their clothes every four to six weeks? Yup, they do. But, the real black hole of our wallets is in the makeup stores … Sephora, Kiko, and any drug store, really, because nearly every month you need to buy new supplies. 

“No, I’m not kidding, I’m actually broke this month. I spent nearly 200 euros on makeup in Sephora, but I don’t regret it. I think?” – Antonia, 20.

So, keep spending folks! (with responsibility, sike) Student life is short, enjoy it. Nonetheless, at least now you know, you’re not the only one.


MONEY TALKS but all mine ever says is goodbye


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