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Segovia – Recently, the joint architecture-design Prologue, officially launched the first iteration of its print publication. A large group of students meet at the Pasa Pan  restaurant in Colón, for the inauguration and celebration of the publication’s opening. Patrons, managers, writers and supporters alike gathered in the small space to share good feelings and celebratory fervor.

“[Prologue] is a publication just like IE”, says Sarah Al Atiyat, Chief Editor for the Bi-monthly. “It talks about and discussing things that are beyond the bounds of everyday architecture and design, and how these affect us as human beings and the world as a whole”.

After a long process in organizing, writing, and finally preparing the current edition was finally completed. Contributors celebrated their progress and they are equally excited for the future of the publication.

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The Stork was able to approach Naomi Njonjo, one of the lead editors and Co-founders of the publication.

Regarding the inspiration for the Prologue, Naomi said, “I had gone to a University for my exchange year and they had already set up a student-run magazine. I was kind of part of it while I was there, and I thought it was a brilliant idea and I wanted to start that here”.

She was further ecstatic with the result: “I’m really proud of [the Prologue]. It was really hard setting up what Prologue was going to be because we were starting from scratch and it could have gone any direction. We worked all summer to get it printed, and now we finally have it!”

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Sarah Al Atiyat shared similar sympathies for the project and its result: “I’m very excited that it actually came to life, and it is in reality right now. I think its really beautiful that a very diverse school of architecture and design finally has its own publication”.

When asked about what we can expect from this publication in the future, she said “they should expect the unexpected” as the publication “challenges the boundaries and the expectations in the field of architecture and design”.

The successful launch of this publication, as well as the quality of the topics within and the design of the print, is evidence enough of the work and the passion these students have towards their major. The Stork wishes to congratulate Prologue, and it encourages students to pick up a copy for themselves.

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