Winter in Segovia: Self Care Challenge


Welcome back lifestyle readers!

As you may know, the hardest academic period of the year is fast approaching, ready to hit us with the full force of countless final exams and projects all in the span of two short weeks.

Because of this, I believe it is very important to get mentally prepared for these stressful weeks that are coming up in order to be more ready to face the hard times when they actually arrive.

After a little research, our lifestyle team found a great challenge to relax and prepare us for the upcoming barrage of work. So, when we found it, I offered myself as a guinea pig! I will be starting the challenge today, so you are more than welcome to join me!

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The challenge, created by Monique Volz,  consists of three different activities to do every day for a week, ranging from working out and meditating, to gathering with friends and treating yourself to a little desert or a glass of wine. I believe the focus of the challenge is to listen to your body and what you feel you are needing; therefore it is not necessary to follow exactly what the program says, so long as you do what’s best for yourself in that moment.

The Challenge

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Monique Volz is a lifestyle writer who started her blog ”Ambitious Kitchen” in 2011 to share her experience on how she overcame her eating disorders, which she grappled with for five years, starting when she was 20. Her articles focus on recipes and kitchen tips in general; though in her words, “my goal is simply this: to inspire you both in and out of the kitchen”, so you can also find many lifestyle and self-love articles that are really interesting, as you can read the opinion of a person who had a very intense and personal experience with such issues.


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Together with her recipes and lifestyle tips, she also shares many aspects of her personal life experience, which allow the readers to understand that no one is perfect, even if they may seem so on social networks, and to accept yourself more.

As we all prepare for the stressful times soon approaching, I believe it is important to prepare oneself by being as relaxed and pampered as you can. Take these proposed activities as inspiration and develop what you think works best for you!

I hope you’ll be ready to start the challenge with me! Update us on how it goes and how you feel while doing it. Stay tuned for updates on this self care challenge on @ieustork!

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