5 Weird Tik Tok Trends Right Now [ Videos ]


Everyone is talking about it, everyone is using it, the challenges and dances are contagious; this app has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon in a very short time. Yes, Tik Tok. If you haven’t heard about it, you have probably been living under a rock. With over 800 million active users and 1.5 billion downloads worldwide, this video platform has everyone actively sharing and creating 15-60 second videos on the loop! Let’s admit, some of them quite a bit odd but nonetheless managed to become worldwide trends. Here are the weirdest Tik Tok challenges on the Internet right now. Calling all secret tik tokers…dare to try?

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1. #estoysolteroski

Valentine’s day has just passed around the corner, the day for celebrating love, couples together and romance flying through the air. With more than 10 million views, this Tik Tok hashtag is for users to announce that they’re single!



Obviously the reggaeton hit “Tusa” by Colombian artist Karol G and Nicky Minaj, 10x multi-platinum after just 3 months cannot be left behind. The song can be heard all over the place, so obviously Tik Tok wouldn’t miss it. Users worldwide hilariously express how they feel after a love disappointment “Tusa” in just 15 seconds.

3. #caradeemoji

And if the #DedosChallenge wasn’t enough (if you know, you know), we present to you the face emoji challenge. Users imitate or at least try to, copy the exact same emoji faces in their phones. Believe it or not, this one tops the list with 1.1 billion views!


4. Broom Challenge

This one has not only swept Tik Tok but the entire internet. You’ve probably seen (maybe even on the news) hundreds of people trying to make a broom stand on its own, challenging the laws of gravity. Spoiler alert: the broom will actually stand up any day that you make it stand #sorrynotsorry, so forget the hype.


5. #QueAnimalEres

What animal are you? Instagram saw it first, nonetheless, Tik Tok won the race. Users have been actively hyping over what animal they present a likelihood with. Famous artists have joined the challenge too, including Sebastian Yatra and Tini Toesstiel. Have you ever stopped to think about what animal are you?

At first hand, we all thought that Tik Tok was targeted at a younger crowd. But the mania and the vicious challenges have reached older generations. I bet the app lies on your phone with your private account and just a couple of videos of yourself or fooling around with friends. But who are you to blame? Tik Tok has everyone bewitched, and to be honest it’s probably the most entertaining thing to do when you are bored.

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