The Path to Success


Success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% that is called failure

Soichiro Honda, Founder of the Fonda Motor Company

We all want to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams but the path to success isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter how much we might wish for it to become true, it requires a lot of sacrifice and determination. 

Life can be a very tough teacher; before we succeed in anything, we will face a lot of failures and rejection. Experiencing this can make us doubt ourselves and make us want to give up. We might even start thinking that maybe we are not good enough, maybe we are not capable. 

At times like this, we tend to look around and compare ourselves with people that have already succeeded: their careers are flourishing and they are in the top of the game. You might even think that they have taken all the opportunities the world had to offer. It’s easy to believe that they were just ‘lucky’, but there isn’t such thing as luck. They all had to worked hard and overcome their own obstacles and challenges. They faced multiple failures and probably felt the same way as you at some point, but they didn’t give up. We don’t know all the work that there is behind their success story, so its unfair to compare ourselves with them.   

It’s important to remember success takes time. We can’t expect to be perfect at anything with just a few hours of trying, so we had to lower our expectations. Sometimes is better to start with small goals in the path to achieving our dreams. 

Remember: the future is not written nor determine and if you are alive you are able to change your story. 

Even if you don’t find yourself in the ideal path to achieve your dreams, it isn’t a reason to believe you will never make it. Life is filled with twists and turns. We all go through detours once in a while and sometimes the best routes can be found in that misdirection. So don’t give up just yet. 

There are so many famous examples of people that have been successful later on in life like: Ray Kroc that started McDonalds when he was 52 or Soichiro Honda that founded Honda Motor Company at 42. There is also J.K Rowling that after a lot of difficulties in her life, she published Harry Potter when she was 32. Vital’s graphic mentions other of this late bloomers but there are uncountable examples. 

Too Late To Achieve Your Dreams 2

It’s never too late. We all have a different path and time is perfect. So we shouldn’t worry if we haven’t achieved our dreams at a young age. Our time will come. 


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