Valentine’s Gig


Last week, the IE Music Club joined forces with IE Rotaract Segovia for a Valentine’s Day-themed concert where the attendees not only got to enjoy some good music but also were able to do some good by helping raise funds for Autismo Segovia. Just by donating 3€ either via card on IE Connects or with cash at the door, people were able to enjoy and listen to 12 astounding songs ranging from rap, R&B, and pop songs. 

Needless to say, the theme of this musical night was love. Nonetheless, the songs played concerned love from multiple aspects such as falling in love, out love, heartbreak, and so on. This was due to the Music Club’s overarching rule: all the members have the opportunity to pick a song. In fact, despite Valentine’s Day appealing the most to couples, the majority of the songs were about being single. Everyone in the audience wildly embraced the original interpretation of love by the Music Club. 

Moreover, the collaboration with IE Rotaract played a large role in the event’s success. After learning that the Segovian NGO Autismo was seeking fundraising for a new project involving building a care center, the IE Rotaract club wanted to help. This new care center aims to help children with a high level of autism and their respective families. If you attended the event in person, you might have noticed the QR code; this code is also available on their website, or you can obtain more information about the project on their social media platforms: On Instagram @autismo_segovia, and @AutismoSegovia on Twitter.  

Moreove, the logistics merged incredibly smoothly as the Rotaract Club stood for the administrative functions while the Music Club took care of the entertainment. Without any doubt, the idea of combining the gig with fundraising resulted in a fantastic turnout.

Stay tuned for the next IE Music event!

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