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The Student Government constantly strives towards adapting to students’ needs. This year they have adopted an approach that ensures that the proposals implemented to result in a uniform policy.

The SG has brought forward the proposal that final exams should be structured in a way that pertains to real life. The idea behind this first proposal is that it fosters IE’s values of driving innovation, in which a more open question would invite the application of knowledge to real-life cases.

Moreover, the SG considers that the grading for final exams should be adjusted. Currently, if you score below a 5 in a final, you fail the entire course. Arguably this system contradicts the notion of holistic grading. One student, for instance, could perform great in other criteria but, due to uncontrollable circumstances, fell short on the final. These circumstances could be taken into account merely by changing the system.

Also, degrees with few students have highlighted the shortcomings of the honors system, which is only granted to the top 5%. In response to this, the SG is urging for the qualification to be based on the number of students rather than a percentage.

The SG wishes that communication become streamlined to make students’ lives even easier. Students are flooded with emails from different departments, often of a repetitive nature. The SG argues that this saturation leads some people to miss out on important information.

Thus one weekly newsletter containing information that applies to everyone (for example, health), along with school-specific details, would be an easy, fast, and visual way of soaking up the news. Another newsletter would be dedicated to talent and careers so that everyone can stay up to date with new opportunities!

As you know, the SG works as an intermediate between students and institutions. To do so, they plan to enhance institutions like Talent and Careers and IE foundation’s visibility via SG accounts on various platforms, including Instagram and Linkedin. By making them more known to students, they are more likely to interact with them. A further proposal to achieve this interaction is bringing in speakers on behalf of the IE Foundation.

Another effort to bring students closer to the community entails a proposal to become a research assistant for a professor. Such a hands-on activity would prepare students for internships where they would be working with a foreign entity.

Lastly, due to the increase in applications to the wellbeing and health center, appointments to receive counseling take longer. The SG has created a more efficient process that allows more students to take advantage of the service faster by creating a channel that is more easily accessible for students who need the service instantaneously. In this way, resources can be distributed according to time preference.

As with all proposals, they take time to be implemented. Let us know in the comments below if you would look forward to seeing any of these suggestions in force or if you would change something!

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