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The IE Girl Up Club believes that actions speak louder than words. That is why they aim to empower women and help them reach their full potential with every event and conference meeting they host. 

1. What is the goal of the Club? 

The goal of the IE Girl Up Club is to put IE at the forefront of positive change, inspiring women of the present and future generations to fight for what they believe in. The Club aims to transmit this strength via safe environments, where girls can excel in their tasks and help the collectivity in fostering healthier communities and stronger nations.

2. How was the Club formed?

Former president Avantika Pal, and vice-president Wadad Assaf formed the Club in Segovia in 2020. Now the Club spans across both campuses. 

You may also recognize that the Club’s name is the same as the UN Foundation. This is because IE Girl Up Club has joined this movement and works to collaborate with other universities that have joined the movement in events. Due to this close collaboration, the IE club shares the same values and mission: “advancing skills, rights, and opportunities for girls.”

3. Who can join? 

Absolutely everyone. The Club encourages men who care about gender equality to join the initiative because it is not only a local initiative but it is also pertinent on a global scale. 

4. What should members expect?

Members should expect to learn a lot about different causes that spur initiatives around the world. Additionally, hands-on activities with experts in different fields will make you feel like you are really putting your knowledge into manufacturing change. Overall, members should prepare to engage in difficult and reflective conversations that take them out of their comfort zone. 

5. What type of events do you host? / what events are planned? 

As mentioned in ‘what to expect’, the Girl Up Club hosts conversations, hand-on activities, and fundraisers. Last semester they held an international conference with over 25 speakers from around the world. This semester the successes of that event will be translated into an event that mobilizes the whole community. 

6. How do you think the Club embodies IE values (entrepreneurship, tech & innovation, diversity, or another value)?

The Club is holistic in its approach as it focuses on both the cultural and pragmatic sides. Women are empowered to embrace equality and diversity, as well as the professional world. Learning how to navigate professionalism helps women tune into their entrepreneurial and innovation skills, unlocking their potential.

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