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The Archaeology Club is on the upsurge! Currently, the club consists of 40 members, and it’s planning its next move, away from the parking lot in Segovia…

What is the goal of the club? 

The club aims to give students hands-on experience in the fields of archaeology and history. Coupled with this learning opportunity is the increased appreciation for Spanish culture. This appreciation comes from the many projects that the club undertakes for the Spanish government; by actively helping Spanish archaeologists develop remains, the club contributes to the tourism effort.

How was the club formed?

Last year the arts and humanities department organized a trip to Súria in the first week of Spain. The organizers consisted of highly esteemed professors, such as Vice-Rector Miguel Larrañaga, Pablo, and Olivia. Pablo and Olivia actively complete excavations throughout Spain, but their main point of access to studying and materials is based here in IE University Segovia. The trip made such a lasting impression on Togzhan in terms of learning and newly formed relationships that she was compelled to establish this club. Today, she is the Archelogy Club President of Segovia, and her friend is the coordinator in Madrid. 

Who can join? 

“Literally anyone,” says President Togzhan. “Even professors have joined us on our trips in the past!” she mentioned. Experience and history knowledge are unessential because you will learn it first hand.

What should members expect?

Members should expect “great company.”

The friendship formed between people from different backgrounds when working on projects together is unparalleled. Trips help foster relationships even more and allow members to learn plenty. Thus, members should expect “a lot of traveling,” Togzhan emphasized. In Spring, the Archaeology Club intends to plan a lot of trips. Moreover, the professors involved are extremely dedicated to interacting with students and imparting their knowledge on the subject. 

What type of events do you host? / What events are planned? 

The archaeology club hosts numerous museum visits and also a Spring Camp. This year’s Spring Camp is an affordable seven-day trip to a destination in Spain. The below €100 event includes transportation, accommodation, and food; the club even provides the equipment. Quite a difficult offer to resist! 

An example of a specific event recently hosted took place in October 2021. This three-day €30 Fall Camp went to Valencia. The locations chosen for the trips evince opportunities for great finds. For instance, the grounds in Valencia dug just a little deeper than what the students had and extracted a skeleton. 

Lastly, the club plans to emulate the success of last year’s Summer Camp. The 2022 Camp will take place in the first two weeks of June. Stay tuned for more information!

How do you think the club embodies IE values (entrepreneurship, tech & innovation, diversity, or another value)?

The club represents diversity in its essence. All students share their version of history from what they were taught in school and relate it to current affairs in their home countries. This allows other students to broaden their minds. Additionally, the club embodies the IE spirit of charitability since the club gives back to the archaeology community.

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