A Look Back on Segovia’s Freshers Week


With a new school year on the horizon and waves of first-year students flooding from all corners of the globe, the IE Student Government welcomed them all with the annual Freshers Week. Naturally, many Freshers in Segovia wished for the basics of what they imagined their first week at college would be: they wanted to meet people from their degree and go to parties. Other students tried not to build expectations, due to a rising sense of confusion around whether or not there would even be events planned for Segovia’s Freshers week besides the Tanker Festival. Since Madrid’s schedule was released a lot earlier than Segovia’s schedule, many students caught on to the fact that there were probably some difficulties in Segovia planning fun and safe events that everyone could attend. However, once the schedule was dropped, hopes rose. People were mostly excited about the Freshers Party at the Sabbat Club and the Tanker Festival. 

The week began with the Scavenger Hunt with the Mentors and Mentees. Many students enjoyed this activity because it provided them with time to meet and hang out with people from their degrees. Although some of the activities seemed cheesy, it was a relaxed way for students to bond and start forming friendships.

Freshers Week continued with Monday’s Club Fair. The variety of the clubs was impressive, to say the least, and all the students interviewed were able to find multiple clubs that peaked their interests. For those students who like Red Bull, the free box of seven Red Bull cans was greatly appreciated. Although the fair itself was a great way to get to know the opportunities for outside activities offered at the university, there was a general disappointment that this was one of the official Freshers Week events. Many students hoped for a kick-off party or something more social where they could celebrate the beginning of their University experience. 

Unfortunately, the next two events, the Speed Meeting and the After Classes Gig by IE Music Club, had to be postponed due to the weather. These events would have been much more attended and appreciated had there been a backup plan for the rain. The Speed Meeting, in particular, was the most affected by the changed date. Before the event was postponed, tickets were sold out at both locations. Unfortunately, a Speed Meeting doesn’t have much appeal if students have already made friends and they can make plans with them. Due to this, when I went to the Bow location to see what it was like there were no other Freshers there. However, one of the organizers for the event confirmed that some people had shown up at the Club Luna location. The speed meeting was a great idea, and, understandably, planning to have a crowd in an inside location can be difficult amid a pandemic. However, there could have been other ways to plan for rain, this would have avoided the delay and consequently made the event a success.

The After Classes Gig by IE Music Club wasn’t as affected by the delayed date. Many Freshers still showed up, and so did a lot of second-year students. This event provided a really relaxed atmosphere where students could kick back and sing along to some good music. The timing and location of the event were perfect because most students could come before their first day of language classes. 

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Finally, the last event planned exclusively for Segovia students was the Freshers Party at the Sabbat Club. The only issue with this event was the limited number of tickets, only 111 students were able to attend the event. Many students who were eager to attend weren’t able to. If the Freshers party had been planned to take place across multiple clubs, maybe more students could attend, hop around to the different parties, and get to know more clubs in the area that they might not usually go to. However, low ticket count aside, this event embodied what was expected of Freshers Week. A celebration of new beginnings, opportunities to meet new people, and a party! 

Last but most certainly not least, was the Tanker Festival. This event was by far the most anticipated, the most attended, and overall the most enjoyed out of all the events. The Tanker Festival offered live DJs, two stages, alcohol, and plenty of opportunities for students to have fun. Having an earlier bus back at 2 am was perfect for those students who couldn’t stand the cold and needed to leave early. The one suggestion I received from a few students would have been to change up the music being played once in a while, but that was a minor detail that didn’t prevent anyone from enjoying their time there to the fullest.

When asked what they thought about the week, most Freshers said they wished there were more planned parties, some even said that they wished the same effort put into Madrid’s Freshers Week was put into Segovia’s. However, Freshers Week 2021 did provide some really good opportunities for students to enjoy their first week in Segovia, and there were some real highlights. Overall, everyone found ways to meet people both from in and outside their degree, make memories, and have a good time. 

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