Student Government Elections: Team Unity


IE University Student Government Elections are coming up! After weeks of campaigning from several teams, the student body will have the chance to vote on Blackboard Ultra from March 29 to 31. “Unity” is one of the four teams running for student government. 

It is composed of eight members: Marie Queru (President), Nisa Serin (Vice-President), Amelie Sohler, Jose Tasende, Pilar Calvoz, Majd Barghouti, Iñigo León, and Martin Palacios (including two reserve members). Thus, they have an equal gender distribution of four boys and four girls from all different backgrounds with a total representation of eight countries: Germany, France, Palestine, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, Turkey, and the United States, as well as three different bachelors: Business Administration, Computer Science, and Architecture. 

Unity’s Vice-President, Nisa Serin, describes Unity as being diverse, transparent, and reliable. The team’s main goals are focused on unifying both Madrid and Segovia campuses, increasing and strengthening communication with faculty, and creating a reliable and transparent feedback loop. With restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic subsiding, Serin says they aim to unify the campuses by having networking events, bringing back the tradition of a Winter Ball, and other events. 

In addition, they hope to improve communication with faculty by hosting joint informal events, such as a student-faculty sports tournament. They also plan to act as a bridge between students and faculty through biweekly meetings, where Unity will bring student concerns directly to faculty. In order to establish a direct line of feedback and conversation with the student body, Team Unity plans to hold open meetings, a consultation system, and maintain transparency.

Throughout its Instagram, Unity has highlighted its specific goals, which include inaugurating community lounges, especially in the Madrid Campus; organizing inter-bachelor networking events; providing more plant-based options in the Segovia campus cafeteria, and lastly, implementing Zero-Waste and Zero-KM initiatives. Another idea is to re-establish the tradition of a Winter Ball, where students will have the chance to de-stress while enjoying an opportunity to connect with fellow students.

As all members have had experience working within student government, they feel committed and ready to ensure student voices are heard. Vice-President Serin expressed that “you should vote for Unity because we will transform the diversity we have into a tool, we will be reliable and trustworthy – making sure to always keep in touch with students. There is nothing more important than making sure IE is a place we all want to be a part of!” 

Remember, voting starts on March 29. Those interested can check their IE emails for notifications and instructions.

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