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Since 2020, podcasts have grown to become one of the major sources of entertainment for most people. From leisure to news to wellness and motivation. 

Listening to podcasts has become so popular because there seems to be one for everyone. There will probably be a podcast about any genre you are interested in, ready for you to dive into episode after episode. There’s also the fact that you can listen to them everywhere.

Nowadays, seeing someone listening to a podcast can be considered just as regular as seeing someone listening to music or streaming a series. They can be considered one of the most popular pastimes for people since, even now, celebrities are starting their own podcasts or making appearances as special guests.

Today, I gathered five students to share with us how long they have been a member of the community of podcast listeners and which one they would say is their favorite and why.

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Do you like podcasts?

Student 1: I enjoy the occasional podcast.

Student 2: Yes, I like them but do not listen to them regularly.

Student 3: Yes!

Student 4: If they make you laugh.

Student 5: Yes, I do. 

How long have you been listening to podcasts?

Student 1: I’ve been listening for a little over a year.

Student 2: 2/3 years, around once a month. 

Student 3: Only a few months

Student 4: I started listening to it a bit before COVID, but quarantine was when I got into it.

Student 5: Almost a year. 

What’s your favorite podcast, and why?

Student 1: My favorite podcast is Queens Podcast, which uses a storytelling technique to talk about the lives of powerful and influential women in history. I enjoy it because listening to podcasts can provide comforting stimulation when doing trivial tasks.

Student 2: My favorite one is from a French influencer called ‘LénaSituation.’ She created a podcast one year ago called Canapé 6 Places, [inviting many] guests to speak on many topics.

Student 3: The Daily is short and informative, so I can learn about what’s going on in the US/internationally without reading.

Student 4: Critical Role – more specifically, their second campaign. Weaving a story out of thin air is an impressive feat. Watching eight voice actors weave a continuous tapestry for many years, sharing their friendship with their listeners, taking their show live, and inspiring the creation of art, music, and storytelling from millions—well, it’s thrilling, and they’re goddamn funny.

Student 5: Braving the Elements because it’s about my favorite show. 

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There you have it! Some of IE students’ favorite podcasts range from news like The Daily to life gameplay like Critical Role. Each option is interesting for its crowd. If you are interested in getting into podcasts, hopefully, these recommendations will work in your favor!

Here are some recommendations of my own, being someone who started listening to podcasts officially in the spring of this year. Before that, I had tried becoming a podcast person, but it never worked. I would always stop the episode and put music on, so I never actually finished one since I got distracted. 

These podcasts got me hooked; they were the only ones I listened to episodes without drifting into something else. 

1- La Magia del Caos by Aislinn Derbez is a wellness podcast in which Derbez interviews diverse people who share their experiences and advice on living life to the fullest. What I love about it is the different topics discussed depending on the guest, so I feel there’s an episode for everyone since it does not focus on only one thing. 

2- Little Gold Men by Vanity Fair. This podcast is about Hollywood, the film and television industry at its core, with guests from producers to actors sharing their little pieces of the vast world of the classic entertainment industry. It works like the perfect inside tale to the art diving as well on books and everything behind the films we see on the screen. 

3- Your Own Magic by Raquelle Mantra is a spirituality podcast that focuses on various topics, from the practice of manifesting and shadow work to Astrology events throughout the year. Its main goal is to self-expand and recognize qualities that go beyond your eyes about yourself and what you are capable of. 

I hope that out od all eight of these recommendations, you’ll find one that might draw your interest in listening to a podcast. As you can see, there’s one for everyone. 

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Valeria Jaramillo
Valeria Jaramillo
Hi! My name is Valeria Jaramillo. I am a 3rd year BIR student from Ecuador and I just enjoy writing about life.

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