Year-Round Gifting Guide


Have you lost track of your gift list this past holiday season? Is your love language gift-giving? Don’t worry. Gift-giving is never over! Dive into this guide, designed to steer you toward perfect presents for occasions ranging from holidays to birthdays and more throughout the year!

Starting this new year right means knowing exactly what to gift and for whom by identifying someone’s passions and personality. All of the gifts on this list range from 4 to 40 euros, catering to university students, tech lovers, those into self-care, avid travelers, and kitchen enthusiasts.

For the Creatives

Knitting Kit – €22,88

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This set has everything you need, from the different crochet hook sizes to a storage bag and the yarn.

Candle Making Set – €26.99


This candle-making set is worth the price! It includes multiple candle tins, fragrance oil, dye beeswax, a thermometer, a melting pot, and more. For anyone who loves to make things or loves candles.

Pearl Necklace – €7

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This cute necklace went viral on TikTok. It is unique and gives a twist on a normal necklace. You get to open the can, get the pearl out, and assemble the necklace. Flying Tiger is also a perfect place to find affordable, popular gifts.

For University Students

Brita Water Filter – €12.71 

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You don’t know how much you need a Brita until you get one! 

Jewelry Organizer – €26.27


Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings get messy quickly if you don’t have a good place to organize them. This organizer is minimalistic and easy.

Gift Cards


Amazon has gift cards for everything you could think of: Netflix, Apple, PlayStation, Airbnb, Xbox, Footlocker, Uber Eats, Roblox, and Amazon itself! So, if you have no ideas, this could be your best option. 

LED Mirror – €29.99

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Having good lighting and a mirror is important when getting ready. But, this is hard in residences or many apartments in Madrid. This mirror has both!

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game – €35.47

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This is a trendy, fun game for relationships and getting to know each other. 

2024 Planner – €20.50

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A planner makes you organized and study well. This planner has a cute style you can personalize your way.

Humidifier – €19.90

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The air quality in a lot of residences is not the best. Students get sick easily, so a humidifier can help. It has different modes with timers and different LED colors.

Heated Blanket – €27.99

A heated blanket will help you get through the cold winter. It can also help many conditions like arthritis, sciatica, and pain and improve sleep.

For Tech Lovers

Echo Pop – €20.99

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The Amazon Echo Pop is a Bluetooth speaker that is controlled by Alexa. She can help you complete daily tasks!

AirTag – €32.99

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An AirTag is important so you don’t lose anything. You can connect it with your iPhone and get exact directions to where the AirTag is. You can buy additional accessories to attach the AirTag to your pet, such as keys, wallet, and more!

For those into Self-care

Guasha – €8.99

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Guasha improves blood circulation in the face, wrinkles, and lymphatic drainage, and relieves tension. It also gives structure to your face.

Shampoo Brush – €5.00

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Shampoo brushes promote hair growth and allow you to remove all product build-up. It is also relaxing to use it when you’re in the shower.

Pimple Patches – €5.74

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COSRX is a famous Korean Skincare brand, so these patches work wonders. I’ve tried them!

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set – €29.50

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Real Techniques is known to have good makeup brushes. This set comes with every brush you could need, and it’s a cute pink color!

Beard Care Set – €24.99

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This beard care set comes with everything at an affordable price. It includes conditioner, oil, wash, balm, three brushes, and trimming scissors.

Heatless Curler – €6

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Using a curler daily damages your hair, so this heatless curler is a good alternative! It doesn’t only have the curler but also scrunchies, a hair clip, and a spray bottle. I’ve tried the heatless curler, and they turn out super cute.

For the Travelers

Packing Cubes – €25.99

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Packing cubes save so much space and keeps your suitcases organized. Different sizes are perfect for your month-long backpacking trip or your weekend getaway.

Travel Set – €4

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This mini travel set is cute and works as a good stocking stuffer. The pillow is inflatable, which makes it small and easy to carry. The mask and earplugs are crucial for a good airplane nap.

Travel Backpack – €36.99


Travel backpacks differ from normal bags because of their different sections and pockets. It opens up differently and even has a built-in charger. You need this when you take those small and restricting RyanAir personal bag flights.

For the Kitchen Lovers

Hand Blender – €19.99

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A hand blender does what a normal blender does, but it is easier to clean and does not get as many things dirty. It is perfect for individuals who live alone or don’t need large blenders.

Matcha Tea Set – €29.99

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Matcha is super healthy, so with this set, you can make a perfect cup without spending money at a cafe and make it a new habit.

Cocktail Maker – €22

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This set can help you make delicious pre-drinks with your friends before you go out! There are many tutorials online, so it is super easy to use. 

I hope this guide has been your go-to for snagging those last-minute gifts and making shopping a breeze! Here’s to hoping you find something special for that on your list, even if time is ticking away and you are not sure what to get them. As the festive vibes disapear, remember there’s something magical about giving, no matter the season.

Featured Image courtesy of Pinterest

Connie Ganburged
Connie Ganburged
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