Madrid’s Craft Beer Odyssey: A Guide


Welcome to the effervescent heart of Madrid, where the beer is as diverse as the city itself!

 Madrid, renowned for its vibrant nightlife and culinary delights, offers a treasure trove of locales for beer enthusiasts. It is also a place where people are expected to see people enjoying a drink at any time, any day. 

This guide takes you through some of the city’s top spots for craft beer lovers: the welcoming “Bar Taproom,” the flavorful “Pez Tortilla,” and the treasure-filled “Labirratorium.” Each place brings a sip of the world to your table, wrapped in the casual, friendly vibe that Madrid is famous for. 

Let’s explore these beer havens, where every visit promises new tastes and tales.

Bar Taproom 

Taproom is a bar where one can choose from 40 different tap craft beers worldwide, offering a taste for every palate. It is perfect for a craft beer-tasting experience, whether you are a beer connoisseur, a beginner exploring the rich tapestry of brews, or just looking for a fun night out. The atmosphere is laid-back, but if you want to delve deeper into your drink, the friendly staff is ready to enrich your experience, providing detailed explanations about the beers’ origins, flavors, and brewing processes. 

Guests can try beers one at a time or quickly dive into it by ordering a sample of four beers. There is also an option to get takeaway beer in a large glass bottle. Prices vary from beer to beer. 

Although the atmosphere is relaxed, Taproom can get very busy. They play somewhat loud music, but it is not so much of a “dancing bar” as it is a “sit-down-and-drink-beer bar.” Game nights are lively, with ‘big’ soccer matches projected on the wall for all to enjoy.

At Taproom, they understand that drinking is a cause for hunger. Therefore, they don’t just serve beer; you get a complimentary bowl of snacks with every pint. For those with an enormous appetite, there is a “Tierra Burrito,” a fast-food burrito right next door in two of Taproom’s three locations in Madrid. Taproom allows its clients to bring food from Tierra Burrito into their bar.

Taproom strikes the perfect balance between a chill hangout and a place of discovery, where the joy of beer is celebrated with every pour. It invites patrons to travel the globe with each sip!

Visit Taproom’s Website:

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Pez Tortilla 

Pez Tortilla is a tapas bar with multiple locations throughout Madrid. Born from a simple idea jotted down on a napkin, Pez Tortilla is the result of four childhood friends passionate about bars, Spanish food, and, most importantly, craft beers. 

At Pez Tortilla, not only are the perfectly uncooked signature Tortillas de Patata or the delicious Croquetas incredible, but also their craft beer offered. You can choose from six distinctive taps that pour a rotating selection of craft beers. This ever-changing lineup ensures that each visit allows a new flavor to explore. The tap beers’ prices vary depending on the size and type. Prices are reasonable, generally ranging from €1.50 to €7.00. Beyond tap options, Pez Tortilla offers an array of over 50 bottled beers. 

Pez Tortilla prides itself on crafting its beers, offering guests an exclusive taste of the bar’s brewing expertise. Their beers are a hallmark of Pez Tortilla’s commitment to the craft. Their ‘Rounds,’ a series of unique creations, are a product of a close partnership with renowned master brewer Tomás. Each Round is a unique beer creation, and when one resonates particularly well with both the makers and the clients, it earns a special place on the menu and a distinctive name. Two beers that have evolved from favored rounds to staples are ‘Pez Tortilla Rupert’ and ‘Pez Tortilla Juanita”.’ 

The rotating taps, extensive bottled beer selection, and unique in-house brew make Pez Tortilla a standout destination for beer lovers in Madrid!

Visit Pez Tortilla’s Website:  

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Located on Calle Vallehermoso, Labirratorium is a premier destination for craft beer enthusiasts in Madrid.  With an extensive collection exceeding 400 craft beers, Labirratorium showcases diverse global flavors, from renowned labels to niche artisanal creations. Here, newcomers to the brewery world and aficionados alike can embark on a tasting journey guided by the expert team who are as passionate about educating customers as they are about beer.

Among the treasures on offer is La Quince Brewery’s lineup, a brand co-founded by Labirratorium’s owners,  serving as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the craft beer culture and community.

Labirratorium’s shelves offer more than just beer; they also display gourmet delights on sale, featuring fine wines, brewing ingredients, and an array of artisanal snacks like marmalade, luxurious chocolates, savory olives, and crunchy chips. For the ultimate beer lover’s gift, the store crafts personalized gift baskets brimming with handpicked beers and treats, sure to delight any recipient.

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Image courtesy of Natalia Ennis

Besides its physical store, Labirratorium also offers the convenience of an online store, expanding its reach to those who wish to shop from afar. Moreover, Labirratorium also uses technology to extend its expertise through virtual tastings. Whether you have your curated beers delivered at home or collect them at the store, you are invited to an engaging online session where skilled connoisseurs unravel the stories behind the brews, offering a complete sensory tasting experience without leaving your house. 

Visit Labirratorium’s Website: 

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Image courtesy of  Conelmorrofino

As our journey through Madrid’s craft beer landscape concludes, we’re reminded of the city’s rich tapestry of tastes and the passionate individuals who weave it. From the vibrant variety at Bar Taproom to the original brews of Pez Tortilla and the extensive collection at Labirratorium, Madrid offers an adventure into the world of craft beer. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, these beer havens provide a drink and a story in every glass. 

Are you ready to embark on the craft beer odyssey? It is just a sip away! 

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