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IE University is a top international university in Spain with campuses in Madrid and Segovia,” says This is true, and applicants and students are offered the opportunity to study at either campus every year.

Well, every year, a new wave of students from the Segovia campus have to say goodbye to the small city and move to Madrid to start a new chapter of their lives, a very different one from the one they had in Segovia. 

Each student has it differently; some were in Segovia for two years, others for only one, and there are the Architecture students who had three years before changing campus and moving to the city. 

I have gathered three students from each experience to share some insights into their transition from Segovia to Madrid.

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Can you share your Bachelor’s experience and degree?

Behavioral and Social Sciences (BBS) Student: I am satisfied with my bachelor’s experience. The multidisciplinary approach of the Behavior and Social Sciences makes you think imaginatively. It compels you to develop a broad range of skills. Therefore, several career options suit the different interests that one may have, not limiting you to one particular career path.

International Relations (BIR) Student: I am a third-year BIR student at IE University. So far, I really like my degree with the diversity of subjects and the topics we are studying. It is in accordance with my future.

Architecture (BAS) Student:  Bachelor of Architecture is a demanding but rewarding degree. We learn various skills and disciplines of architecture, such as construction, design, history, etc.

How many years were you in Segovia?

BBSS: I experienced Segovia for one year.

BIR: I was on the Segovia campus for two years.

BAS: Three years.

What influenced your choice to start in Segovia?

BBSS:  I did not have a choice regarding my decision to start in Segovia, given that my degree consisted of spending one year in Segovia and then switching to Madrid. Yet, I consider that this default option was ideal in my case. My transition and adaptation was facilitated by the intimate and peaceful atmosphere of Segovia.

BIR: The opportunity to do both campuses.

BAS: I didn’t have a choice; however, I am one of the ones who is very glad to have started in Segovia.

Image courtesy of IE University

Did the dual-campus idea influence your decision at IE University? 

BBSS: Personally, it did not influence my decision. The curriculum of the bachelor that I’m currently studying was the leading reason that I chose to study at IE.

BIR: Yes, it did. 

BAS: No.

Describe your Segovia to Madrid transition in one word.

BBSS: Hectic.

BIR: Smooth. 

BAS: Can ‘fever-dream’ with a hyphen count as one word?

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Image courtesy of Financial Times

What distinguishes the Segovia and Madrid campuses?

BBSS: The Segovia campus is filled with ancient history at every corner. Whether it’s the Roman aqueduct, the castle, or its old streets, one can’t help but be dazzled by the city’s beauty. Its tranquil and calm atmosphere is a perfect fit for students who prefer tranquility while studying. The Madrid campus, being a vertical campus, has a corporate ambiance. The views from this campus are inspirational, as you can feel courage while looking at the mega-corporations right ahead.

BIR: In Segovia, you have proximity to everything and small classes. You can know most people and have a more IE personalized experience.

BAS: Verticality: I don’t like [Madrid’s] vertical campus idea due to the lack of open and intermediate spaces. Also, in Segovia, we could be in the studio 24/7. However, in Madrid, we do not. 

Image courtesy of The Global College

What is your most cherished aspect of Segovia?

BBSS:  One of my fondest memories of Segovia involves strolling down its streets mindlessly to enjoy its beauty. You can find something architecturally interesting at any corner and will likely see familiar faces anywhere you go.

BIR: Being close to everything and having fresh air.

BAS: How uncomplicated life was, at least for me. Especially the commute. It was very easy to spend quality time with friends, with almost no prior planning necessary since everyone was a maximum of 10-15 minute walking distance.

What do you love most about living in Madrid?

BBSS:  Madrid offers a wide array of opportunities to explore. There are more attraction sites and events available for those who seek. It is a bustling city with so much energy that it is contagious among its residents. It spurs the adventurous spirit of the people living, which makes the experience worthwhile.

BIR: [There are] many more options for everything (cinema, food…) and the city is always with people moving around. 

BAS: The variety of the city. I am a huge fan of the galleries, parks, and bookstores [that] I go to during my free time. 

Would you choose Segovia again? Why, or why not?

BBSS: I would choose Segovia again if given the opportunity. I enjoyed the community feel that the city has for incoming students who have just departed their hometowns. It provides strong emotional support and a feeling of belonging that are key to adapting when you are living on your own in a foreign country. I developed an emotional attachment to it, as it was the first place I called ‘home’ far away from my country.

BIR: I would choose Segovia again because it allowed me to really start university life with more confidence and peace. But I would say one year is enough.

BAS: Yes! Segovia is a great place to integrate into the culture, get familiar with Spain, and, most importantly, the friendships!

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Image courtesy of Daily Management Review

How have your experiences both in Segovia and in Madrid prepared you for future career goals?

BBSS: Segovia provided me with the security and confidence that I needed as a freshman. It enabled me to meet with remarkable people that impacted my life. Madrid, on the other hand, challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the possibilities that it offers. I personally think the transition brings the experiences full circle to achieve your future goals.

BIR: Segovia was the perfect place for the transition to university in another country, with new people coming from all around the world. And I feel Madrid prepares you for more professional aspects.

BAS: For architecture, seeing most of the vernacular architecture that is almost like a 15-minute city was great. Now, in Madrid, larger-scale understanding is improved.

As we can see by taking the experience of three students, each of them having spent a different amount of years living in Segovia before moving to Madrid. Both cities have different memories and overall different lifestyles for a student, each unique and satisfactory in its way. 

If you are considering applying to IE and are unsure which IE University campus you want to start your bachelor’s at, check out this article!

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Valeria Jaramillo
Valeria Jaramillo
Hi! My name is Valeria Jaramillo. I am a 3rd year BIR student from Ecuador and I just enjoy writing about life.

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