The Stork Editorial Announcement: New Editor in Chief 2021


MADRID— Dear friends and readers,

The pandemic challenged all of our team to go to new heights in order to keep students engaged. As much as it was a time of trial, it brought opportunities that most of us did not anticipate, and we thank you for your continued support. 

Over the past ten months, The Stork has experienced significant growth. We went from a team of approximately 40 students (on a good day), to an organization of over 150 of you who contribute to this newspaper every day. We have welcomed over 7.000 new readers with 35.000 visits! Our Managerial Board has borne three new branches to continue the outreach we have for you, our readers; as well as ensure the quality of our work within and outside of the newspaper. 

Francia Morales, The Stork’s President and Editor in Chief has announced that the newspaper is ready for a new leader to take over. She has stated her term as Editor in Chief has met all its goals, and she is eager to see what the future holds for The Stork in new hands. She will henceforth form part of the Executive Advisory Board as a Member in order to oversee the publication’s external projects.

 “There are still some loose ends that need tying, but all in good time,” she stated. However, her official capacities as President and Editor in Chief will be suspended effective today, Monday, March 15. 

The Editorial Board is excited to announce the incoming leadership of Wesley Swan, a 3rd year BIR student who until now served as the Assistant Editor in Chief of the Madrid campus. The Managerial Board discussed and came to a consensus about the natural succession of events that would lead Swan to assume leadership of The Stork as President and Editor in Chief.

Speaking about his vision for the coming year, Swan commented, “I plan to ensure the production of quality journalism and transparent investigations while facilitating a real-world work experience for IE students ranging from social media, public relations, editorial, and technology sectors.” 

As a reader, you can count on the continued efforts of everyone involved in this publication in order that The Stork remains an essential point of reference for all students at IE University.

The Stork is thrilled to build on the foundations laid by Swan’s predecessors, whom he thanks for “their sage guidance”. We look forward to bringing you increased external collaborations, internal projects, and countless new stories from Segovia, Madrid and all over the world. Tune into our social media channels and website to stay updated on all Stork content. 

With best regards,

The Stork Editorial Team

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