Editorial Announcement for 2023-24 Academic Year


The past year at The Stork has been a busy one to say the least! Our team of over 65 writers, editors, content creators and more have been hard at work to “Amplify IE Community Voices”. We have been able to highlight and partner with a multitude of student and university organisations, from the IE Foundation and Creativity Center to the Theater and IE Africa Club. We have also extended an open invitation to the IE community to contribute to The Stork through the launching of our Guest Writer form. Since launching this new initiative in November, we were able to publish 10 articles directly from the IE community members themselves.

The Stork also gained a new look over this past year donning a revamped website and logo in keeping with our goal to engage more with our audience. We are happy to report that since this rebranding our website has seen over 3,000 visits monthly. 

Even with all the new changes that have taken place over the past year, we believe that now more than ever, The Stork is truly the voice of the students.

As this academic year draws to a close, so comes the time to pass on the leadership to the next generation of students. Effective today, The Stork Editor in Chief, Roché Rabie, will be stepping down from healming the newspaper to make way for Jimena Vivian to assume the role. 

Roché first joined the newspaper as a first year Architecture student in 2019, becoming a lifestyle writer. She then worked her way up to become the Lifestyle Editor of Segovia for the 2020-21 school year, then moving up to become the Managing Editor of Segovia in 2021-22 and finally the Editor in Chief for this past academic year. Through her time at The Stork, Roché has expanded the network of newspapers creating partnerships and connections to over 20 student clubs and organisations. She continued this goal with launching the guest writer platform in November to ensure the involvement of not only the permanent writing community of The Stork but also other students, staff or alumni that wanted their voices to be heard. She oversaw the rebranding of the newspaper helping to organise the logo competition and worked closely with Volodymyr (Vova) Lakamov to revamp the website over the winter break. Roché also represented The Stork at the Reinventing Higher Education Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in March of this year. There, she was able to represent the student voice and perspective on the future of higher education. Read more about her experience here.

“The Stork has been and will continue to be an important outlet for the IE Community. I am grateful for the time that I have spent within this community and know that it will continue to flourish and grow under the next generation of leaders.” – Roché Rabie

Incoming Editor in Chief Jimena Vivian is a rising fourth year Behavioural Science student. Jimena first joined The Stork staff as the Opinion Editor for Madrid in the 2021-22 academic year and then was promoted to the Managing Editor of Madrid in early 2023. During this time Jimena showed immense dedication to her role, bringing her unique creative flare with her. A statement from Jimena on this transition: “I am grateful and excited to step into the role of Editor in Chief and follow in the footsteps of Roché of being a great leader. At The Stork, I know I have a strong team to collaborate with along the way, and am looking forward to developing my leadership skills while ensuring the voices of the IE community are both encouraged and heard. ”

The Stork would like to thank the IE community, its entire staff, and the IEU administration for their ongoing support. The Stork will continue to “Amplify IE Community Voices” for many years to come and invites the IE community to be a part of our mission, be it as a reader or team member.


The Stork Team

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