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Last Sunday, February 23rd, the IE Women’s football team played a frustrating game. The final score was 3-1, with Hugrun maintaining here personal scoring streaks and saving the team’s honor from a dreadful defeat. The odds were not in their favor. The team had a strong squad, enough substitutes, and a present coach. Some of them could not assist the training that week for different reasons, yet they still managed to come to the game.

The women started the game with a strong mindset. They wanted to win. They were not going to give up at any cost. However, the opponent took them by surprise and scored their first goal. The IE team had many attacking opportunities. Statistically, they shot more than the opponent. The ball just did not want to go in, they could not believe it. They missed so many opportunities, so much so, that even the opponent was surprised. At the beginning of the second half, the opponent decided to shoot from the midfield line. A move characterized by the IE women as a desperation move illustrating the fear of the opponent from a “remontada” (Spanish word defining when a team is behind in goals and needs a big comeback)… Nevertheless, the opponent scored. The players could not fathom their luck.

The game continued, and the IE women had more opportunities than during any other game. The more goals they missed, the more frustrated they got. For the first time, they were convinced that the odds were against them. A few minutes before the last whistle blow, the opponent scored their third and last goal. The IE team left the field with tears of anger. They knew they could have won. They knew they were better. But they didn’t know the importance of luck in a football game. They did not know that luck had a big influence in Football. However, this defeat did not influence the bond shared, they were frustrated together, not against each other. The next game is on March 8th, giving the team just enough time to rest, train and come back to Madrid Rio stronger than ever.

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