Tips for a Successful Online Semester


COVID-19 has transformed the university experience completely. Universities across the world have closed their physical campuses until January 2021, and many students were left with the option of online learning. Throughout spring 2020 we saw the world’s students struggle to get a grip on how to handle online classes and all the distractions that come with it. Here are four tips that will help all students studying online this semester have a successful online education!

  1. 1. Find a space for yourself

This is the absolute most important tip that I can mention. Studying from your bed, or in a loud and heavily trafficked area is not going to allow you to optimize your studying. Having your own personal working space is of the utmost importance, especially if you are studying from home. An allocated working space allows you to get into the headspace of actually having to do work. For example, studying in your bed has been shown to make people want to sleep because they associate their bed with sleep. Moreover, KEEP YOUR SPACE TIDY. I cannot emphasize this point enough. It is extremely important to discipline yourself at home in order to maintain focus.

  1. 2. Keep in touch with the professors

It can feel very strange to be connecting with your professors online especially due to the fact that IE maintains an active participation grade, however, don’t let online schooling affect this grade. Ensure to engage in class discussions, don’t be afraid to just put your microphone on and actively participate. The professors will take notice. In addition, email your professors often if you have questions. The worst thing would be to fall behind while online. 

  1. 3. Use the group chats

Aside from your professors, remember it is also important to know that this is still a university despite the current situation, so engage with your peers. Not only is this important for university in terms of staying on top of work you might have missed, but also for forming friendships. Online school can become extremely lonely as it feels like you aren’t truly having a university experience. Just because we are online doesn’t mean it is impossible to make friends. 

  1. 4. Plan out your days 

Being at home can be one of the most distracting things ever while attending university online. Firstly, because you might find yourself unproductive and unwilling to study. Secondly, a lot of students are not returning to their campuses in person, therefore, you might find yourself at home again with all your friends, another distraction. Plan out your days to ensure that you know when is your allocated study time and when is your fun time and do not mix the two. 

Follow those tips, and I can ensure you an improved online learning experience!

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