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Established in 2017 and headquartered in Madrid, Spain, the IE Center for Social Innovation and Sustainability is a dynamic hub dedicated to advancing IE University’s core values. Their primary focus lies in championing social innovation as well as sustainability. 

At the core of their mission lies the aspiration to cultivate a culture of collaboration. They are dedicated to facilitating the seamless exchange of knowledge and resources, nurturing a vibrant synergy within the IE community while extending their collective influence across a diverse global network of partners.

They eagerly anticipate forging partnerships with organizations that share their vision and are willing to support their existing projects. Additionally, they look forward to initiating dialogues on novel opportunities that can enrich knowledge dissemination, their knowledge generation, and harness the potential of their expansive global network and applied expertise.

Their work is guided by three fundamental pillars:

  • Knowledge Generation: This pillar encompasses applied research, impact evaluation for informed decision-making, and the wide dissemination of best practices.
  • Knowledge Dissemination: They create platforms for knowledge exchange, capitalizing on the expertise of their faculty and esteemed speakers. Their commitment extends to training the next generation of social innovation and sustainability leaders, ensuring that IE’s educational resources are accessible to deserving individuals who face barriers to traditional learning.
  • Leveraging their Global Network and Applied Experience: They take pride in designing and executing pioneering impact projects that drive positive change. Simultaneously, they curate high-value communities that serve as incubators for transformative ideas and initiatives.

The IE Center for Social Innovation and Sustainability is dedicated to effecting tangible and lasting change in society. They welcome collaborative partnerships that resonate with their mission and contribute to the betterment of our shared world.

What is the primary focus of the Center?

The center has already worked on several projects such as “Travel4Impact.” The ultimate goal of this project is to provide guidance to the travel and tourism industry and more specifically to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) who want to have a positive impact on communities, economies, and their environment. Moreover, the center trains SMEs to become more responsible, sustainable, and inclusive. In collaboration with “Amadeus”, the center is actively seeking out companies within the travel industry that aspire to transform their business practices.

Another notable initiative of the center is “Project 360”, which seeks to offer support to small businesses in Madrid. This project was developed in partnership with both JP Morgan and the Madrid City Council. Many of these businesses have been profoundly impacted by the current economic crisis and require guidance on how to adapt to changing market conditions and ensure their continued viability. 

Furthermore, it is important to highlight two other projects on which the center has been working. The first project, “Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards boosted by IE University”, aims to inspire action and provide innovative solutions to environmental issues. The foundation offers financial support to initiate these solutions and guides them through their startup process. After a rigorous selection process to identify proposals with the most significant and lasting impact, three winners are selected to receive a 40,000 euro donation to further develop their ideas.

The second project, known as “The Observatory of Demography and Generational Diversity,” is a collaboration with the IE Center for Diversity in Global Management. This initiative is focused on conducting research in the corporate sphere with a specific emphasis on diversity and social innovation.

Photo: IE University

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