3 Different types of Diets to try on Quarantine


The effects of quarantine can be psychologically stressful, messing with your mind. But as a community, we have to put an effort in maintaining the protection of our public health. For this reason, take advantage of this time to get a little more healthy and start better habits which later you can later still reinforce. These are the top 3 latest diet trends at the moment, flavorful and still healthy with awesome results. After all of this ends, summer is just around the corner. Let’s get healthy!


Humans are social beings, constantly looking for interactions. When we deprive ourselves of everything, it doesn’t feel good. After a couple of days or even hours, our mind starts sending signals to our body in order to avoid the discomfort. But these signals aren’t necessarily good, we can alter sleeping habits, sit on a couch for hours, eat the entire fridge, and even arouse feelings that might manifest into anger, frustration or sadness. Keep in mind that staying at home is an obligation we have to endure to protect our communities, but also watch what you’re doing at this time. Believe it or not, the effects of quarantine can be psychologically damaging in the long term. Of course, it all depends on your personality or situation but remember to keep your body and mind in a healthy state.

Instead of eating your whole stockpile of food in this Coronavirus quarantine, here are some healthy diet trends you can start in this lockdown.

1.The Keto Diet

I’m no nutritionist, but the Keto diet is one of my favorites since it is great for losing excess body fat without hunger. It basically consists of a low carb diet and moderate protein. Indeed, it’s the most recommended by doctors due to the health benefits it brings to your body apart from the weight loss someone wants to achieve. For example, awesome health performance. The main rule you have to follow here is pretty easy, just avoid eating too many carbs. The fewer the carbs, the merrier the results. For more in-depth research read here: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto


2. Intermittent Fasting

This is probably the one you’ve heard more myths about and in my opinion, is the one you should research the most because many usually mess it up. Beforehand, I recommend talking to your nutritionist since fasting is definitely not for everyone, causing changes in your metabolism. When you skip meals, the body uses stores and turns fat into energy. Nonetheless, if you don’t follow certain time periods it can lead to secondary effects like dizziness, headaches, low blood sugar, weakness, etc.

Fasting is not a dangerous diet if done well, you just have to be careful. For those actually considering doing it, there are different ways of fasting to choose from; everything varies from the number of days to calorie intake. Choose what fits well with your body’s well being. But as a whole, fasting consists in abstaining your food intake for an amount of time. For more deets, you can check out this blog with awesome tips and explanations: http://www.elsaswholesomelife.com/home/2018/8/14/intermittent-fasting

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3. Paleo Diet

This one is pretty similar to the Keto diet but definitely a bit more famous among celebrities. The Paleo diet removes allergens like gluten, wheat, milk. These allergens are said to be foods that create indigestion, headaches or obesity. This is why many celebs often feel more “healthy” with this meal plan. I mean, it is no lie, the allergens excluded from the Paleo diet bring a feeling of dampness to the body according to Chinese nutritionists. 

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A healthy lifestyle has been popular for a while now; take advantage of this time at home to dig deep in things that will do good for your well being. In this case, start by dieting; good nutrition is one of the most important things for your health. Don’t think of diets as food shortages to reduce weight, maintaining a healthy food intake promotes overall health. Also, don’t doubt combining it with fun physical activity.

Make this quarantine a productive habit creation!


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