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Britain Limits Prescriptions of Puberty Blockers to Minors

The recently published 'Cass Review' in the UK has led the country's National Health Services to issue the decision that puberty-suppressing hormones will no longer be prescribed to minors. This decision has been met with mixed reactions and questions asking how the UK's stance on transgender care will affect the rest of the world.

Coffee vs. Matcha: Which is Best For You?

There is no doubt that many of us wake up every morning looking forward to fulfilling our drug addiction of caffeine. Many, if not most of us have quite a strong relationship with this stimulant and tend to consume it on a daily basis. However, can this relationship become co-dependent at some point?

How Well Does IE’s Vertical Race Promote Happiness Through Exercise?

The IE Vertical Race took place on March 20th, on International Happiness Day, and in the middle of IE’s Happiness Week. So, how well does the Vertical Race promote happiness and mental wellbeing?

Understanding Hyper-Independence

When faced with distressing circumstances, some may learn to cope by evading dependence on others, aiming to protect themselves from further harm. This self-reliant quality may appear to be admirable. However, independence may not be a choice for all but rather a survival mechanism.

How to Get Over Flight Anxiety

For some, the thought of stepping on an airplane is nauseating, no matter how many times you do it. Flight anxiety also known as aerophobia is a common anxiety that many people face. Here are some tips to help on your next trip!

Why the Mirror Lies: Body Dysmorphia

In a nutshell, it may seem that body dysmorphia is primarily about disliking your own body, however, there is much more to the condition than simply just being unhappy about your appearance.

The Silent Pandemic

Moreover, unpleasant experiences are inevitable, and sometimes they affect us more than we think they did, which can cause us to sacrifice our health or sabotage healthy relationships simply due to unmet needs of the past. All things considered, one's mental health should not be ignored, contrarily, society must shed more light on how truly salient it can be.

Dry Dull Discomfort: 5 Skin Tips for Cold Weather

It’s that time of year, when the weather gets colder and we get cozier. Whether you’re a fan of the cold or not, your hair and skin probably aren't!

CRISPR’s Breakthrough in Gene Therapy

CRISPR's gene therapy has recently been approved for human use. The therapy, Casgevy, targets sickle cell disease and beta-thalassemia through gene-editing. The Stork explains how this process works and explores gene therapy's future.

Smoking: A Gateway to Social Inclusion or Gateway to Death?

In summary, smoking is a personal choice, and no one should allow themselves to negatively impose their opinions solely because one smokes. It is no question that smoking is bad for one's well-being.


Editorial Announcement for the 2024-25 Academic Year

The academic year 2023-2024 has been an exciting period of growth for The Stork! The completely student-led and managed media outlet, with a team...

Art Unchained

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. By Iona Steger The concepts of "non-fungible tokens (NFTs)" and "blockchain" have been an ongoing...

AI Companies Sued for Breach of Copyright

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. By Klaudia Kupidura The latest developments in Generative AI have changed our habits, learning mechanisms,...