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The AI That Will “Do No Harm”

Before a new physician can practice medicine, they take what is known as the Hippocratic Oath. Named after Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek Physician, the oath enumerates a number of ethics codes that are summarized as “first, do no harm.” Munjal Shah utilized this popular concept to name his new Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool; Hippocratic AI. 

Free Period Products in the Tower!

free period products are now available in the women’s bathrooms on each of the hub floors of the tower! If you ever find yourself in need of a pad or a tampon, you can head to floors 4,10,16, or 22 to find what you're looking for.

How Vitamins and Sports May Kill You

The combination of vitamins and sports supplements can also lead to negative effects. Hence, it is highly imperative to have an audience with a medical practitioner prior to embarking on any regimen that involves sports supplements or vitamins.

Stress management in 5 easy steps!

Stress… We hear this word around us so often, yet it seems to be so difficult to manage.  What really is stress? Stress can be...

The Mysterious Havana Syndrome

Havana syndrome has no proven cause, no consensus on how it is transmitted and no precise symptoms. This illness first appeared in 2016, two years after the reestablishment of relations between the United States and Cuba. Diplomats and U.S. officials in Cuba started to experience a range of conditions such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, severe headache and memory loss.

Swimming: 4 Life-Changing Health Benefits

Have you considered swimming as a form of physical activity before?  Swimming is unlike any other aerobic exercise and has been called the perfect all...

How Does Social Media Kill Your Feeling of Life

Social media is a necessary evil in today's world, but it doesn't have to consume our lives. By limiting our usage and focusing on positive interactions and relationships, we can improve our mental health and avoid the pitfalls of social media addiction. So put down your phones, people, and go enjoy the real world!

How to stay on top of your New Year’s Resolutions 

We are halfway through February! In hopes that you have not yet given up on your New Year’s resolutions, here are four useful tips that can help you keep your promises.

El arte del silencio

El silencio es una fuerza poderosa en nuestras vidas. A menudo lo ignoramos o lo damos por hecho, pero en realidad, el silencio puede...

5 easy ways to make someone’s day

Some might consider this article a cliché. We all know the importance of good deeds, and that it is nice to help old ladies...


The USA’s Debt Default Danger

With the impending possibility of the United States breaching its debt ceiling, the “indisputable” stability of its financial and fiscal institutions is once again questioned.

Greek Legislative Elections: New Democracy Leads but Falls Short of Majority

On May 21, Greece held its legislative elections. The party led by Kyriákos Mitsotákis, New Democracy (Νέας Δημοκρατίας), emerged as the frontrunner, securing 40.8% of the total vote. In contrast, the left-wing Syriza party received 20.1%, while the Socialist Pasok party garnered 11.7% and the Communists KKE secured 7.1%. Despite New Democracy being in the lead, the party fell short of obtaining the required majority of 45% of the votes. As a result, they claimed 146 seats in Parliament, which is five seats below the threshold of 151 needed for a parliamentary majority.

Sudan: A Humanitarian Crisis Overshadowed by Armed Conflict

Sudan is a republic in northeastern Africa between Egypt and Eritrea, bordering the Red Sea. The country often suffers from natural disasters due to extreme weather conditions such as droughts and natural hazards. In addition, Sudan is plagued with an unstable government and an economic crisis. On April 23, conflict broke out between two armed forces groups in Sudan.