Winter in Segovia: Fitness Challenge


Welcome back to Winter in Segovia everyone!

This week, the whole lifestyle team is going to introduce you to a challenge we can take part in together!

As it’s so difficult to do physical activity in this moment- we’re all drowning in midterms, not all of us are comfortable going to gyms, and most IE athletic teams had to stop organising face to face events and trainings- we decided to do a two-week work-out challenge that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

The work-out challenge is the perfect exercise alternative during corona time, though it could also be a great alternative for those of us who can’t dredge up the motivation or find the time to go to the gym or join a sports’ team. 

The challenge, created by Chloe Ting, consists of two weeks of 30-60 minute full body workouts, with two active rest days worked into the schedule. It’s completely free and you can follow the plan along on her website, which we’ve linked below. From it, you can access her youtube playlist for each program too.

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(The main page of the workout challenge we’ll be doing!)

Chloe Ting is an Australian fitness blogger and YouTube personality with over 15 million subscribers to her channel. She’s also been nominated for a shorty Award on Health and Fitness this year- for those of you who may not know or care for such titles, the annual Shorty Awards recognize people and organizations that produce short form content across social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, etc. (don’t worry, I had to look it up too). She’s had a steady rise to influencer fame, but her popularity took a small leap over summer, when her “2020 Summer Shred Challenge” started trending on TikTok and Instagram amidst the pandemic. 

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(Chloe’s Instagram handle and bio)

The thing about Chloe Ting’s workouts, however, is that aside from their accessibility, is that there’s a wide variety of programs available on her website, each targeting different fitness goals. Not only that, but the programs range from two weeks to a little over a month, depending on your fitness goals and level of commitment.



If you want to follow Chloe on instagram it’s @chloe_t

Her programs can be done anywhere, from your room or balcony, to one of the many parks around Sego or even a nice spot on the hills. There’s no equipment necessary and she provides low impact alternatives to a lot of the exercises for those of us who are either newer to the fitness journey or have some sort of physical or medical limitation that doesn’t allow us to do the full-impact versions of all the exercises. Another plus is that she provides easy warm-up and cool down routines with every workout that are completely optional, depending on how much time you may have or are willing to put in. 

(Chloe Ting’s YouTube Channel)

So, in this journey towards achieving some sort of topsy turvy balance during these times as well as striving for a better mental and physical health, we’ll be doing one of her challenges ourselves and taking a look at the results! May Chloe Ting guide us on this fitness journey, and, who knows, maybe some of us will find ourselves coming back for more! 

We start the challenge this week Thursday, so check back in next week for our update! If you want to join us and tell us what you think we’ll be more than happy- share your stories on instagram and tag us @ieustork!

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