What does the Debate Club have in store for us next year?


The Debate Club has debated everything from the US elections and current human rights crisis to nuclear energy or the film industry. Every debate club member can propose topics, for instance, a topic specific to their degree. Typically though, topics shed light on current world issues and work in a beneficial way to help members develop their skills.

The club intends to repeat the successes of the artillery debate and other previous debates next year, including: 

  • The Debate Training Program: All students of any debating level are welcome to partake in this annual training program. The coach helps with everything from speaking stage fright to polishing negotiation skills. Other sessions offered include (but are not limited to) public speaking, speech writing, negotiation, MUN style, British Parliamentary Style. Completing this training program qualifies the student as eligible for competitions (including international delegations) via a completion certificate.
  • MINI MUN: A simulation of a United Nations committee, in which each student represents a specific country and needs to debate specific topics in order to reach a resolution. Notably, IE collaborates with local Spanish universities. 
  • IEU MUN: The fourth edition of IE Model United Nations is coming up this November, the club’s largest annual event. This large-scale simulation of 8 United Nations committees, including high school and Spanish speaking committees, expects 150+ students to debate diverse topics and participate in informal activities for a full week; an amazing opportunity to put debate and diplomacy skills into practice and network.
  • International Delegations: Every year, the Debate Club selects a few delegations of IEU Students to be sponsored and represent IEU at several international competitions. This year the club sent three main delegations to Harvard National Model United Nations in Boston, Massachusetts, Geneva International Model United Nations, and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Model United Nations. All delegations brought home 10+ awards, ranking IEU a top university in the international collegiate debate environment.

Another thing to be excited about next year is all the new collaborations. IE, Spanish, and French universities will convene for speech competitions, MINIMUNs, and other close-knit IE activities like professor workshops and speaker events. 

Overall, the IEU debate club strives to foster one of IE’s most active student community internationally. This recognition is on course to actualization, with over 1,220 members and 12 international awards in the bag just this year. So take your shot and join the debate club for everything ranging from chill debates to club collaborations, workshops, speaker events, training programs, conferences, networking events, and much more! Subscribe to the IEU debate club on IE Connects to stay tuned for updates and upcoming events. 

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