Trump: The Enemy of the State


The President’s inciting of seditious acts in and against the Capitol and the Republic are among the highest crimes of his term. He has unquestionably broken the sacred oath of office he took to uphold, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He has proven himself treacherous and a definite danger to America, her people, and her precious democracy. He must be stopped. He must be relieved of his duties. And he must be tried for treason. 

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President of the United States Donald Trump speaking at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland; Wikimedia Commons

On the team page of this very site, you will notice some various traits of our Stork newspaper team members: our most crowning achievements, our most intriguing quirks, and our most prominent characteristics. If you should look under mine, you will find the following: “I have a medal from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for ‘Americanism’.” Of all my accolades, it is by far my most cherished, and with good reason. I have been and remain a proud American patriot. I firmly believe in the founding ideals of the nation, the freedoms and rights it embodies, the American Dream it puts forth. 

I will admit, I was at a loss for words on the sixth of January. I was shaking with fear and fury at the sight of the Capitol being breached. Not since my parents’ lives were threatened in the October 1 Las Vegas Shooting have I felt so repugnantly and physically ill. 

To those who applaud the actions on the Hill, who excuse and commend them: those were not protestors, those were not patriots, those were not Americans. Those were traitors and domestic terrorists attempting to subvert a free and democratic election of the presidency, on baseless claims of fraud and corruption fomented by the US President. 

As passionate a patriot as I am, I have never before granted my opinion a public platform for which to speak on American political matters, bar the perfunctory actions I have performed as Debate Club President. I do not engage in social media campaigns. I do not write my thoughts about the Union and its current affairs. I privately fund and support various political and civil organizations, but with my father’s federal employment, I had striven to remain publicly silent on matters of the State and conduct myself in cautious and polite manners. I had forsworn my reservations to oblivion and obscurity. 

I can do so no longer. 

This President’s reign has been defined by three terms: Torpor, Typhoid-Mary, and Treason. His sinful character has provided for pillars of depravity and reckless hate to cement themselves in American dialogue and conduct. They have culminated in the most egregious assault on democracy in our country in over a century. 

Torpor. Since taking office, the President has further and further resigned his administration and the nation at large to disarray. He has performed with malaise. He took no action when Russia interfered in our elections. He refused to meet with intelligence officers for weeks on end. He has spent his term golfing, tweeting, and following his defeated bid for re-election, sulking and spouting lies on Twitter. He has failed to execute his office with even a shadow of dignity or grace. 

Typhoid-Mary. Just as the delusional nurse Mary Mallon who endangered, infected, and subsequently killed several people through her refusals to adhere to officials’ health guidelines, the President has done so in a catastrophically fantastic fashion. For months, the President knowingly and purposely understated the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic after having dismantled the directorate for pandemic responses. At the time of this writing, over 357,000 souls have been lost. The states have been left to fend off the growing epidemic by themselves without federal leadership as the President has absolved himself of all fault.

Treason. Even before the tragedy that befell the Capitol Building today, this President has carelessly engaged in subversion of American ideals, policies, and governance. He has alienated our allies, spoken with a perverse admiration for brutal totalitarians, and placed his aspirations above that of the American people. From holding foreign aid hostage for political gain to threatening officials and violating state and federal election laws to now inciting insurrection, he has shown himself to be a perfidious renegade of violence, destruction, and instability. 

Members of the National Guard and the Washington D.C. police stand guard to keep demonstrators away from the U.S. Capitol on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

It is so outrageously upsetting it must be reiterated as the President’s defenders take their stands. The President has committed treason of the highest order by demanding an assault on the Capitol. I would call upon Vice President Pence, the members of the Cabinet and of the US Congress; the President is not only unfit for office, he is a danger to the very office and the nation. He has incited sedition, insurrection, and domestic terrorism. He is a threat to national security and should be immediately relieved of his duties. He should be tried and convicted of treason and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

The global bastion of democracy is under siege, and is being besieged from within by insurgents led by a wicked orange charlatan. He and his traitors, both the rioters and those certain members of Congress who attempted to usurp the election, will be forever remembered for their abhorrent betrayal. These actions are unacceptable and inexcusable; they shall not be forgotten, and they shall not be forgiven.

My words are not unique. I echo the sentiments of countless other Americans, from the media to the public to the very floor of the Congress that was desecrated with blood. Now, I only pray for a swift end to the nightmares created by this presidency, for a national moment of solace to rise with the sun, and for a sense of peace to return to our great nation.

Adam Rose
Adam Rose
Adam is an IEU Class of 2023 Business Administration and International Relations alumnus. A United Nations Millennium Ambassador and a UNSSC Social Impact Award Recipient, he has an affinity for strategic partnerships, sustainable enterprises, and crisis management. Adam has affiliations with societies such as MCN, Nova Talent, and the National Academy Foundation. He has served on the Stork's Advisory Board since its founding in 2020.

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