To Members of the IE Community,

Since the inception of the Student Government Election Debates, Debate Club Segovia has always been a part of the process of helping organize the events. It was my honor and a privilege to help do so this year and moderate the first Election Debate.

However, this year Debate Club Segovia had strove to help maintain more clear and fair elections. One way we did so was by petitioning for the Ethics and Compliance Club to help oversee the elections and any complaints filed to the oversight committee. We additionally maintained a close watch on all of the running teams, and reported irregularities and infractions to the committee.

Due to the various infractions by teams running for election this year not being sufficiently addressed, and recalling similar instances of failures last year, my officers and I are no longer comfortable associating ourselves with the Election Debates. Effective immediately, we will be removing ourselves from their organization this year.

Adam Rose

President, Debate Club Segovia


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