The Team

These are the people behind The Stork

The Board

Daniel Caesar gave me his water bottle. – Tala Jaara


I love playing the Ukulele. – Cristina Fiorillo

I can fall asleep while standing up. – Blanca Rollnert



Volodymyr Lakomov

Founder and Advisor

“I lived in Brazil, Pakistan, the US, and Namibia.”

Francia Morales

Editor in Chief

“I enjoy rock climbing and good books :)”

Justin Morgan

Assistant Editor in Chief – Segovia Campus

“I play frisbee golf back in Atlanta, GA, USA!”

Francini Montes

Assistant Editor in Chief – Segovia Campus / Spanish Writer

“I love Latin American soap operas.”

Wesley Swan

Assistant Editor in Chief – Madrid Campus

“My secret talent is impersonating people I know.”

Adam Rose

Clubs Department Coordinator

“I have a medal from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for “Americanism.”

Sofya Slozakova

Social Media Manager

María Andrea Sanchez

Media Team Leader


Sophie Verbeek

Madrid News Editor

“I have watched The Office (US) at least 9 times – no regrets to date.”

Olivier Thiry

Segovia News Editor

Ecab Amor

Spotlight Team Editor

“I have an unhealthy obsession Alexander Hamilton– Oh and I have a world championship in sport martial arts :D”

Alex Bogobowicz

Segovia Clubs Editor

“I skied before I could walk.”

Laura de Lima

Madrid Clubs Editor

Anselme Tiquet

Segovia Opinion Editor

Cristina Fiorillo

Madrid Opinion Editor

“I love playing the Ukulele.”