Impetus as Enterprise: An IE Mini-Memoir

From a sledgehammer to a scalpel – my journey at IE was anything but conventional. Clashing with administrators, driving my fellow students to the...

The 2023 IE Community Awards

On July 4th, a small group of students, family, and administrators headed up to the IE Club terrace on the 24th Floor of the...

Fraud, Flawed, or Failed: The IE Student Democracy Scandals Unveiled | Op-Ed

Dozens of counts of electoral manipulation unaddressed over the years. An 80% reduction in the Student Government budgets. 10% of Class Representative positions have been left vacant...If that doesn’t scream carelessness and apathy towards our student governance, what does?

The 4th Royal Artillery Debate Announced for April 12th | Debate Club Segovia

The event will be held live and in person on April 12th at 5:00 pm .... this exclusive event is open only to 35 people.

Statement of Dissociation from SG Elections | Debate Club Segovia

Effective immediately, we will be removing ourselves from their organization this year.

Adam Rose

Adam is an IEU Class of 2023 Business Administration and International Relations alumnus. A United Nations Millennium Ambassador and a UNSSC Social Impact Award Recipient, he has an affinity for strategic partnerships, sustainable enterprises, and crisis management. Adam has affiliations with societies such as MCN, Nova Talent, and the National Academy Foundation. He has served on the Stork's Advisory Board since its founding in 2020.
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