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With the changing weather and the recent conclusion of Fall fashion weeks, new trends are bound to come and sweep people off their feet. If you don’t want to be blindsided by what a new season with new fashion means, no worries. Now is the time to explore some of the definite dos and definite (subjective) don’ts of fall fashion. 

By no means are the following commentaries rules, rather just compiled mumbo jumbo opinions on what might catch some eyes. 

The theme of top priority for fall is big and baggy

Of course, it’s hoodie season, but we can’t neglect the baggy-inclined nature of other fall fashion items; break out those heftier jeans and your (baggy) denim jackets or (big) leather ones too.

There’s a certain art in fall fashion that takes any typical summer item and turns it wearable through November. Two recommendable things can bring this effect; layering and switching up the fabrics you use. Some simple options for layering are wearing a pullover or cardigan on top of a maxi dress, taking your summer vests and wearing them over a hoodie, and, honestly, throwing a blazer over anything. 

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IE first-year Isabel Carballal effortlessly but beautifully styling a blazer over a silk midi dress. Photo by Zoe Mesch. 

In terms of fabrics, try looking into items that are quite literally heavier. Continue to wear skirts, dresses, and button-ups but avoid the usual light textiles used in summer, like linens or rayon. Think more corduroy, synthetic tweed or chanel. This will keep you both from getting sick and from fall fashion failure. 

Do make sure that it’s not only clothes that are following this theme. Accessorizing is all the realm of possibilities for it too. Fluffy scarves are a definite yes for the often windy mornings at Cuatro Torres. 

Also, the public wants to see chunky shoes. First-year IE student Hermann Rothert said he looks forward to  lots of loafers and dress shirts, following “more [of] an elegant style” going into this colder season. To elevate the look of a classy loafer build up a more expansive sock collection, yet again bettering the fall accessory game. 

Rothert and his caramel loafers and dress shirt, very fitting to his suggestions for incoming seasonal wear. Photo by the author.

The chunky shoe appeal doesn’t apply universally though. For the common good, don’t bring Uggs to IE. And, “Those big Moon Boots, no Moon Boots,” Rothert said. Now the people know!

Another danger of fall fashion is getting too far stuck in the seasonal mindset and binding outfits to the season rather than the weather; don’t limit fashion to “fall colors”. Zoe Mesch, first-year at IE, said, “I feel like it is nice to wear colors, and that idea that there are certain colors for certain seasons is pointless to me.” 

In summary, do overlayer (no such thing), do big silhouetted outfits, do focus on accessories (and brownie points if they’re big). But, don’t use summer fabrics and by all means necessary don’t bring Uggs and Moon Boots to campus.

Featured image: caterdayne from iStock

Eloise Dayrat
Eloise Dayrat
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