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How Well Does IE’s Vertical Race Promote Happiness Through Exercise?

The IE Vertical Race took place on March 20th, on International Happiness Day, and in the middle of IE’s Happiness Week. So, how well does the Vertical Race promote happiness and mental wellbeing?

IEU Student Government: Is It An Institution Or Just A Title?

“More than power, I would say they have potential, but they are very constrained.” Here is what students think about the IEU SG

“10 Conflicts to Watch out for in 2024”- according to the International Crisis Group 

On January 24, IE University had the great pleasure of hosting an event featuring Comfort Eco, the president, and CEO of “The International Crisis...

Should We Really Be Switching to Digital School Libraries?

In conclusion, both digital and physical libraries are valuable. I definitely welcome the use and promotion of online collections of books and have often relied on them for both personal and professional reading.

Is Amnesty Constitutional? IE professors discuss

Is the newly proposed amnesty law compliant with the Spanish constitution? Does it challenge the highly respected rule of law and the principle of the separation of powers? These were the questions posed by panellists during the “Legal Brew” event organised by the Law Society at Segovia Campus.

Navigating Social Media’s Entertainment Era 

On January 25, the Film and TV Industry Club in a special collaboration with the Marketing Club hosted their first event of the year...

Are measures against using Artificial Intelligence at IE University driving Innovation?

Are the measures IE has taken since the launch of Generative AI a trend in the professor’s teaching and evaluation methods to prevent students from using AI in written assignments?

Year Two final of the Mitchell L. McLean Mock Trial: A Spectacle of Sharp Thinking and Legal Acumen

On 13 November 2023, ELSA IE held the second final of the Mitchell L. McLean Mock Trial. The competition, based on the U.S. common law system, allows students to step into the shoes of U.S. litigators as they go up against each other in teams. The Stork breaks down this latest experience in an eye-opening article.

IE Challenge Is in Desperate Need of Fixing

Far too many students have a problem with the IE Challenge course. The main reason for this is that many find it irrelevant to their degrees, which causes bore-out and triggers further disengagement throughout the class. Students also have additional concerns like the workload of the course, especially for some Challenges which revolve around difficult-to-contact users, as well as concerns over grades.

IE Labs Enrollment: Technology Has Failed Students Again

The optimal solution to the labs issue is an application-based labs enrollment. Here, students would have a few weeks to send in their applications to their preferred labs. Followed by a review period where the applications would be considered.


Yellowstone: A Wild Ride Through America’s Racial Frontier

Yellowstone, a TV series that is set in the countryside of Montana, specifically the national park of Yellowstone, portrays the modern battle of the old game between Cowboys and Native Americans. It’s a tale as old as time, or at least as old as colonialism, where the land is the ultimate prize and everyone else is just a pawn in the game.

Deadliest ISIS Attack on European Soil

What do both ISIS and Russia have in common? The intuitive answer might be nothing besides the killings and attacks on innocent civilians. That was until the Moscow attack took place on March 22nd.

A Missing Chapter: Women and Science

Women’s role in science has been discussed for over centuries, with opinions ranging from “burn them at the stake” to “they are just as intellectually capable as men”. But have you ever thought about how science has been treating women?