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IE Labs Enrollment: Technology Has Failed Students Again

The optimal solution to the labs issue is an application-based labs enrollment. Here, students would have a few weeks to send in their applications to their preferred labs. Followed by a review period where the applications would be considered.

A Shift in International Student Mobility: Understanding the Choice of Europe.

Since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of international students traveling abroad for university has increased. Traditionally, the U.S. has been the number one destination for these students, but Europe is vying for this spot now. By interviewing IE students, The Stork explores students' reason for choosing Europe over the U.S.

MENA Climate Week, a week into a sustainable future

On the 8 of October, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia opened its doors to scholars, students, professors, and diplomats coming from all over the world to attend the second-ever Middle East and North Africa Climate Week.

What I Wish I Had Known About… The Psychology of Dating

On October 10, as a part of World Mental Health Days 2023, IE Counseling hosted the "What I Wish I Had Known About... The Psychology of Dating" event. Verónica Sarría, a prominent psychologist affiliated with the Sinews Multilingual Therapy Institute, took center stage as the keynote speaker for the occasion.

Ex-Ambassador of Ukraine Visits IE University: Discussion on Diplomacy and War in Ukraine

Volodymyr Lakomov, the honorable ex-ambassador of Ukraine visited IE University last month to offer valuable insights on the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War discussing both historical and cultural aspects behind the cruel conflict. 

Win Some, Lose Some: IE Students’ Hidden Costs from Technological Gains

It’s important to take both the students and the progress of the institution into account when making policy. IE should provide certain paper-based resources – like printers, textbooks, and even some paper towels – while still promoting their digitality and moving toward a world of strong digital substitutes.

School Spirit: Do IE Students Have Any?

By Andrea Luchangco What is school spirit? While the exact definition of school spirit may differ, at its core, it is a sense of pride...

Qwickly and Other Things That do not Work

While I would not expect the administration to change every small issue that is ever brought up, the problems with Qwickly have persisted for far too long. As students, we have no way of knowing that the next issue we face will be addressed or even noticed by our university.

“IE Lawtomation Days II” y la humanización del algoritmo

IE University es pionero en la conversación del derecho y la automatización con conferencias como las llevadas a cabo durante los días 28 y 29 de septiembre: IE Lawtomation Days II.

This Fall’s Fashion Guide

If you don’t want to be blindsided by what a new season with new fashion means, no worries. Now is the time to explore some of the definite dos and definite (subjective) don’ts of fall fashion. 


Turkey’s position on the Israel-Palestine conflict

This article will focus on Turkey's foreign policy actions in the context of the Middle Eastern crisis, given its role as a significant regional player with a demonstrated ability to mediate other regional conflicts.

Unwrapping the Magic of Latin American Christmas Celebrations

Grab your cafecito and come along to learn about the holiday experience in Latin America

FOMO: A University Student’s Biggest Enemy

There’s a phenomenon that tends to be common among university students, a phenomenon that for some has never been a problem, and for others can be confusing and frustrating. I'm talking about FOMO.