President of IE meets Student Delegates, Student Leadership, Organizations about Virus Measures


There has been a meeting today at 15:30 between the President of IE, Santiago Iniguez, rectors of HST, Architecture & Design, and other directors with student delegates, student leaders and members of relevant organizations to talk and inform updates about the problem of coronavirus and the measures being taken by the university in this regard. Here are some of the highlights, if you have any additional question, make sure to address the official channels of the university listed below. 

IE has stated that “everything is said to be under control”, IE is taken all the needed measures that have been recommended by the health authorities – it is key for students to stay calm and trust the institution that everything is being taken care of and all security measures are being implemented.

No cases in Madrid campus: the only case in Madrid is an alumnus who was in contact with members of the basketball team, but the club has been contacted along with its President to address and contain the rumor. None of the members have the symptoms and therefore there is no immediate alarm.

IE has been told by the Spanish health authorities to keep both campuses open. In Segovia, the authorities visited both the campus and the residence: at this stage, the operations of the campus will continue but are subject to change if the circumstances change. The students will be informed immediately if this is to occur.

Regarding the virus:

Key symptoms include: coughing, sweating, fever – in case of showing any of these symptoms, please get in contact with the university or/and the health authorities so that IE can be informed about the situation as soon as possible and act accordingly.

You will all be informed with all the live and available data that IE has collected and will distribute accordingly. 
In case, you are planning to travel to Italy or any of the other affected areas or countries, please talk with the program to inform yourself about the necessary steps to take.

IE is working to make masks available for students: around 2,000 masks are expected for delivery next Tuesday or Wednesday


– Website:
– 24 hour medical assistance:
+34 932532283 (in Spanish) and +34 932593468 (in English)
– For academic requests:
+34 915689600

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