The Stork’s Statement on the Coronavirus Situation


Good evening; 


First and foremost we here at The Stork would like to thank you, the IE community, for your continued trust and support. As the student newspaper, we are charged with providing the student body with prompt and accurate updates regarding the situation we have been faced with over the past two days. For this reason, we have and will continue to be in close contact with the administration such that accurate and digestible information arrives to you as soon as possible. Keeping this in mind we would like to make a brief statement to clarify some key points regarding the Coronavirus situation. 


First, IE University has been in near-constant communication with medical experts as well as Spanish Health authorities. They have been closely monitoring the situation on both campuses and have, in their undertakings, acted in full compliance with the protocols outlined by national and supranational institutions. At this time we have been assured that the situation is well under control; Medical experts have emphasized that, in light of the current circumstances, there is no need for alarm. 

This being said, should you or someone you know present the symptoms outlined in the information communicated to us earlier today, contact 112 immediately. Under no circumstances, however, should you go directly to the hospital– act in strict conformity with the guidelines given to you by health authorities. 


With regard to academic concerns the administration has urged students to communicate concerns to your respective academic offices, professors, and class representatives. IE has noted that a flexible approach will be taken regarding academic issues in light of the exceptional circumstances we are faced with. 

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To reiterate, and in line with the opinions of medical professionals, the likelihood of becoming infected is extremely low. At this time the most important thing to do is to remain calm. We here at the Stork will ensure that your opinions and concerns regarding the current situation are heard by the administration such that a flexible and secure path forward may be created. 


Should you or your loved ones have any additional concerns please do not hesitate to contact the numbers below and/or access the webpage the administration has created regarding the situation. 


24 hour Medical Assistance: +34 932532283 (Spanish); +34 932593468 (English)

Academic Information Requests: +34 915689600 (Spanish & English)


Once again we thank you for your attention and will strive to continue being your trusted source of information for all campus-related news. 

Ecab Amor 

Editor in Chief of The Stork

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