“Less Is More” is the New Luxury for the Coming Up Seasons of Sun


It’s only the middle of February, but I can’t be the only one already thinking ahead of what spring will bring. As the season of coats and multiple layers comes to an end, here are some of the trends that might take over this next April as spring takes over winter. 

Like I have been doing for the past few years, I caught up on the most recent fashion week, this time it is SS23 (Spring-Summer 2023) fashion week, and some of my favorites this year made me take notice of some of the trends that might take place soon. 

1/ Denim is back 

Leather ran its course in 2022, from leather pants to leather coats and jackets. Now with the 2023 spring season, it’s the turn of a 2000s trend, that can’t be forgotten, to come back. 

It’s official, denim is making a comeback. From Kate Moss walking in jeans for Bottega Veneta in Milan to the Givenchy Spring show that took place in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, we can assure you that your favorite jeans, whether skinny or boyfriend, are sure to make the best fit this next month. Even that denim jacket from you early teens that you refuse to let go of can and will be put to good use. 

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Givenchy SS23 Collection, Image courtesy of Vogue.com
A person walking on a red carpet

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Kate Moss for Bottega Veneta SS23 Collection, Image courtesy of Vogue.com

2/ Maxi Skirts are a MUST this Spring 

The maxi skirt is an item that I consider perfect for every occasion. From a casual meeting to brunch to cocktails at night, maxi skirts are always a must when picking an outfit and trying not to go for the same old thing. 

Watching the Ralph Lauren show in San Marino, California and the Valentino show in Paris only confirms this. The maxi skirts are here to stay this season as they conquered the catwalk.  

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Ralph Lauren SS23 Collection, Image courtesy of Vogue.com
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Valentino SS23 Collection, Image courtesy of Vogue.com

3/ Blackout!

No matter how many years and fashion waves elapse, wearing all black will always be a “thing.” It is clear that some trends never die, and monochromatic black outfits are one of them. 

From Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s wearing the black Givenchy dress to Angelina Jolie in all-black Versace at the 84th Academy Awards, wearing black has always signified elegance, power, and boldness, yet also delicacy, mystery, and beauty. It is such a difficult color to place in one box when it comes to style, and for that, it should always be in one’s closet, either as a first choice or last choice. 

Givenchy always likes to exhibit a perfect black piece on the runway, similarly, Bottega Veneta and Ralph Lauren did this year too for their spring collections. 

A person in a black dress

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Givenchy SS23 Collection, Image courtesy of Vogue.com
A person walking on a runway

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Bottega Veneta SS23 Collection, Image courtesy of Vogue.com
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Ralph Lauren SS23 Collection, Image courtesy of Vogue.comm

Victoria Beckham also picked up on the theme for her Paris Fashion Week debut of her spring-summer collection that took place on September 30, 2022. 

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Victoria Beckham’s SS23 Collection, Image courtesy of Vogue.com

3/ Taking us back to the 90’s minimalist beauty. 

It is evident that many different trends are incoming next season but one thing I’m sure of, after closely observing the SS23 runways, is that the layers between casual and elegance are here to stay. 

Flowing silhouettes, the introduction of denim again, and lots of silk seemed to bring us back to the beauty, simple elegance, and sophistication of the 90s, all meanwhile maintaining the casual comfort of our generation. All of this we have sought, brought into fashion these last few years, does not only make us look good but also feel good. Today, we have created a perfect balance between what we have missed from the past and what we have created for our future. 

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Uma Thurman (1995) wearing Prada, Image courtesy of People.com
image 3
Victoria Beckham SS23 Collection, Image courtesy of Victoria Beckham

Fashion week can be the perfect time to plan our closet for the upcoming season, so despite being the middle of winter, hopefully, this little guide helps you be on trend for Spring and Summer of 2023. 

Less is more” seems to become the new luxury for the seasons of the sun. 

Valeria Jaramillo
Valeria Jaramillo
Hi! My name is Valeria Jaramillo. I am a 3rd year BIR student from Ecuador and I just enjoy writing about life.

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