Why Happiness is Rare in Intelligence

Happiness is an indefinable feeling that most of us struggle to seek. However, why is it that the most intelligent of the bunch tend to find the most difficulty in their pursuit of happiness?

Coffee vs. Matcha: Which is Best For You?

There is no doubt that many of us wake up every morning looking forward to fulfilling our drug addiction of caffeine. Many, if not most of us have quite a strong relationship with this stimulant and tend to consume it on a daily basis. However, can this relationship become co-dependent at some point?

The Difficulties of Disorganized Attachment Style

Disorganized attachment style may be labeled as the most complicated attachment style among romantic relationships. Also known as “fearful avoidant,” this attachment style arises when one’s source of safety becomes a source of fear.

Understanding Hyper-Independence

When faced with distressing circumstances, some may learn to cope by evading dependence on others, aiming to protect themselves from further harm. This self-reliant quality may appear to be admirable. However, independence may not be a choice for all but rather a survival mechanism.

The Truth Behind Trauma

The feeling of a traumatic experience is no foreign sentiment. However, it may be difficult to grasp just how influential trauma can be in our lives because in reality, trauma is not what happens to you.

Hana Abulkheir

Second year behaviour and social science student from Egypt but primarily lived abroad. Interested in mental health in well-being.
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