Why Some Buy Their Self-Esteem

The social aspects of today's society can be incredibly frustrating and may even feel demanding to some extent. With self-esteem being a delicate subject for every individual, designer brands do an excellent job of targeting such fragile insecurities for their own gains. Luxury brands including Burberry, Givenchy, and Dior present ridiculously priced goods in the market.

Smoking: A Gateway to Social Inclusion or Gateway to Death?

In summary, smoking is a personal choice, and no one should allow themselves to negatively impose their opinions solely because one smokes. It is no question that smoking is bad for one's well-being.

Why Some Never Learned to Love Properly

There is no doubt that love is an incredible feeling, to give or to receive, it is yearned by us all, but could it be that some of us relentlessly dive into poor relationships due to our upbringing, or does the past not define us?

Campus Fashion Trends: Are Golden Goose Sneakers Glorifying Poverty?

It appears that some prefer to naturally wear out their shoes, whilst others believe that shoes becoming dirty over time is inevitable, which is where Golden Goose tackles this idea in an interesting manner.

Hana Abulkheir

Second year behaviour and social science student from Egypt but primarily lived abroad. Interested in mental health in well-being.
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