How to Dress for Segovia’s Fluctuating Weather


Between light rains and snow to sunlight again, we can conclude that the winter and spring dispute takes over the last few days of February in Segovia. I hope spring wins as March gets closer.

Through this constant change, deciding what to wear for the day can be tricky. We seem never to know what we will get every time we leave the house. We cannot even rely on the weather app anymore. 

I was packing my winter coats when I saw the sun coming up three days in a row.  However, my plans were ruined since the following week, winter was back. 

Debating what to wear nowadays is a challenge, but I have done some research that can guide you.  

Don’t lose your layers yet.

Layering is still something you must remember when picking up your outfit; however not as urgent as it was during Christmastime and January.

Instead of your heavy winter coat and wool hat, why don’t you go for that trench coat and a light scarf? 

And instead of thick-woolen socks or tights, go for loose jeans or a flowy maxi skirt.

Over-sized blazers are a perfect choice now. 

Cardigans and sweaters would also work perfectly paired with a basic top.

Always try going for layers that you can take off quite easily and won’t asphyxiate you if the sun does decide to visit us.

Don’t discard your knee-high boots.

Despite it being one of the most significant fashion trends for winter, your knee-high boots can also work wonders for you as spring begins. You match them with a denim skirt or floral dress instead of winter pants and leggings. Your boots will still be perfectly functional and will do wonders to upgrade your look from basic to sophisticated and creative.

They will protect you from the light breezes that still come and go during the night and early morning but will also be comfortable and fresh for the sunlight that appears through the afternoon.

Take out your tops!

As mentioned before, layering cannot be discarded yet; cardigans and trench coats will still be helpful to protect you from the cold, but that doesn’t mean we still need to wear turtlenecks and heavy fabrics under them all day, every day.

Summer is far from us, but crop and tank tops are meant for more than just June and July. Nothing looks more relaxed.

Take advantage of the breaches of sunlight we have and the excellent heating system on campus, and go back to your basic tops since I cannot be the only one who, the minute they step foot into the school, wishes to take all our winter layers and walk around.

Now, as for our color palette…

I’m personally one to prefer a darker pallet in my closet instead of pastels, but sometimes the weather calls for them. Let’s not lie; we are all excited for the warmer seasons to dominate Segovia, so let’s show this anticipation through our clothes!

Leave the dark blues and blacks behind, and try lighter colors. Color is everything in your style, so wear bright colors to shine through the occasional grey clouds.

Don’t start over-shopping just yet.

With how crazy the weather has been the last few days, my final advice is not to start buying your spring wardrobe. It is too soon. 

Try remembering what you already have that could be useful under both seasons and have the mindset of a capsule wardrobe instead of reaching the destructive thoughts of: “I have nothing to wear” or “I didn’t bring any warm weather clothes from the holidays.” 

This idea comes in many shapes and sizes, but the conclusion is the same. We panic and then start shopping only for whatever we have in sight.  

Be strong, and don’t fall for it! The desire to shop might be intense, but we must resist together before making a rash decision.

Give it a few more days or one more week before you start buying more items you already have hidden behind winter coats and scarves.

Try to make do with what you already have now: makeup at least five different outfits that could easily transition between winter and spring, and then decide whether you need to purchase more clothes.

Let’s try to enjoy the change in the weather each day and appreciate the sunny sit-downs in Plaza instead of hoping for spring to arrive. The transition between seasons can be fun, creating new combinations we wouldn’t have imagined if spring had arrived.  

These tips will hopefully help you for these seasonally fluctuating times in Segovia!

Valeria Jaramillo
Valeria Jaramillo
Hi! My name is Valeria Jaramillo. I am a 3rd year BIR student from Ecuador and I just enjoy writing about life.

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