Top Fashion Trends Taking Over 2023


It’s time to talk about current fashion trends! 

Following designers’ collections debuts, here are some common key styles that you might want to indulge into…

Ready to Shine 

This is my personal favourite and most appealing trend! 

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Whether it’s shiny tops, pants, bags or even shoes – shimmer and sparkle are making a lot of noise this year. Shiny and metallic pieces have long been associated with evening wear, clubbing or New Years outfits. Now, however, it has been implemented in a so-called ‘daylight shine’ and is certainly a fun way to spice up your outfit. This trend comes in a lot of different colours, but I would advise to go with one that can double as a neutral, like silver or gold, offering endless styling opportunities. 

Denim on Denim (on Denim!)

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As you may have noticed, fashion designers this season have completely reimagined denim! From double-waisted denim jeans to denim thigh high boots, there are plenty of creative pieces that can be exciting to experiment with. However, if you want to keep it more classy, a good quality denim jean or jacket is always a must-have ageless piece in your wardrobe. So if you are feeling less experimental, you can opt for a garment with a timeless cut and silhouette. 

Colour talk

Lastly, let’s talk about colour! Inviting more colour into your wardrobe is thrilling and offers a vibrant nature of pigment, especially heading into spring and summer. There are three main colours that have made a return in 2023 and taken centre stage. These are – Cobalt Blue, Digital Lavender and Viva Magenta. 

Cobalt blue is definitely a fun and highly saturated shade that offers a vivid splash to an outfit. It’s the strongest colour this year. 

In contrast, if you want a more pastel and calming effect, then digital lavender is the way to go. It still offers some nice variation but is a more welcoming and approachable way into a trend. 

Lastly, for an expressive colour to the eyes, Viva Magenta offers a good amount of bright and wild, yet it is not as bold as cobalt blue. Additionally, it has been voted by Pantone as the colour of the year, so expect to see a lot of it around!

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These are just three out of many other trends in 2023. Overall, the styles are all over the board this year, and there’s definitely enough to suit everyone’s liking. Don’t wait! Go get your spring and summer capsule wardrobe ready today! 

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