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Photography, Observation, Beauty, and Creativity: A Journey Unveiled by Paula Rosell

Paula Rosell, a celebrated fine art photographer, creative director, and digital content creator, masterfully delves into the four fundamental principles of photography: photography, observation, beauty, and creativity.

A Fresh Start: September Events at IE Segovia

Here are some of the most exciting events occurring in Segovia to welcome new and returning students this year

Music For A Mindset II: IEU Music Club’s Newest Album

Prepare for an exciting musical adventure as the dynamic and innovative band of the IE Music Club gears up to release their highly anticipated...

Elly’s Light Enchanting Final Concert in Segovia

On the 19th of May was The Finale: Social Mingling, Outdoors Fun & Farewell at the Creativity Center in Segovia. Elly's Light, the music...

Behind the Scenes and On-the-Spot: The Victorious Annual Women Fundraising Gala

The Second Annual Women Fundraising Gala took place in Segovia's beautiful Casa de la Moneda at the IE Creativity Center on the afternoon of...

Synesthesia: A Multisensory Exhibition

IE University's Creativity Center in Segovia hosted a dionysiac exhibition called Synesthesia for some time. Discover now.

Harmonizing Campus Culture: Exploring our University’s Lively Music Club

A vibrant community of musicians and singers who come together to create beautiful music and spread joy through their performances. It has been IE’s gateway...

New Seminars Launched at Segovia’s IE Creativity Center

The team at IE Creativity Centre in Segovia, based in Casa de la Moneda, is always searching for new ways to inspire and motivate...

Fundraising Gala: Honoring Women

Last Wednesday, March 30th, the Creativity Center hosted a gala with the collaboration of many clubs including but not limited to the Girl Up...

Cem Kayatekin: Sketches and Things

Since the past week, the Creativity Center in Segovia has been hosting a fresh-breath-of-air exhibition. Cem Kayatekin, a professor of the IE School of...


From Revolution to Resilience: Ukraine’s Decade-Long Journey to EU Integration Explained by Experts

Ukraine's integration into the European Union is not a mere political process but a pure expression of Ukraine’s commitment to a future defined by freedom, democracy, and shared European values. Last week, alongside Stanislav Vynnytskyi and Anastasiia Pustovarova, outstanding students at IE University, and Francisco De Lasheras Borja, who helped organize this meeting, I was honored to talk with several esteemed experts on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.

Why Some Buy Their Self-Esteem

The social aspects of today's society can be incredibly frustrating and may even feel demanding to some extent. With self-esteem being a delicate subject for every individual, designer brands do an excellent job of targeting such fragile insecurities for their own gains. Luxury brands including Burberry, Givenchy, and Dior present ridiculously priced goods in the market.

Why Trusting Your Teammates Is Just As Important As Knowing Your Facts

I know for myself that it is not easy to let go when relying on others, especially when it is a project that affects your whole degree or is very dear to you. But I appeal to everyone, including myself, to at least put your mind to it.  In a world as uncertain and challenging as we are living in right now, we need leaders who can not only talk but listen, leaders who are secure in their facts just like their mistakes, and leaders who can trust in themselves just like in others.