The team at IE Creativity Centre in Segovia, based in Casa de la Moneda, is always searching for new ways to inspire and motivate students through the Arts and Humanities. This year, they will be putting forth five new seminars for students to enjoy. These include Arts & Thought, Self-Awareness Methodologies, Improv & Theatre, Creative Writing, and Music.

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Image by Carlos Voba, courtesy of IE Creativity Center

I sat down with Juan Carlos Redondo, the manager at the Creativity Centre and the creator of the seminars to discuss these new additions:

What inspired you to create these seminars?

I was inspired by recent research – I found that young people globally have less resources to acquire self-knowledge, face modern challenges, learn vital non-academic lessons, and ultimately gather what living is about. Henceforth, Arts, Humanities and Self-Awareness methodologies are more-than-ever crucial to the IE Creativity Centre.

What is the background reasoning for each of the seminars, and your motivation for creating them?

Arts & Thought was surely because of the trust in our incredible professor who transforms the way students embrace reality, and that arts are causing positive changes in IE’s environment.

Self-Awareness Methodologies seminar mainly because of the amazing results we gathered last academic year: when shaping the leaders of the future, we have to take care of their confidence, emotional intelligence, resilience or conscious leadership, not to mention how we should all address our ego in these nowadays crazy times.

Since music is the universal language of mankind, we were inspired by producing original songs written by students last year, and opening an IE Spotify account for them. We are ready to continue this incredible adventure!   

Theater because of the existence of the Theater Club, the challenges they face every year, and the addition of having Improv nights at the Creativity Centre throughout the academic year.

Finally, what IE student does not need inspiration when facing written assignments? That is why we are launching a Creative Writing Seminar for the first time in IEU!

How will these seminars benefit students?

These will massively benefit the academic lessons students have within the classroom. Since the IE Creativity Center opened six years ago, we’ve seen the evident transformation students undergo from day one to the last day of participating in what we do.

What can students expect from each session? What is the process/framework for the classes?

Most seminars go weekly/biweekly. What to expect will be fully explained on the 13th September, 6pm, at the Creativity Center, Segovia headquarters. We are inviting the professors leading each one of the seminars – it is the best opportunity to meet them personally before seminars kick-off.

When will they begin? Where will they be held? How can students sign up and get involved?

Come to the IE Creativity Center, Segovia Headquarters (Casa de la Moneda), on the 13th September at 6pm for more information. To sign up, please go to IE Connects and scroll down for each seminar, though please come on the 13th of September to secure your spot.

Remember to join the Creativity Center’s official kick-off event this Tuesday, and keep up to date on their Instagram (@ie.creativitycenter) for more information!


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