Harmonizing Campus Culture: Exploring our University’s Lively Music Club


A vibrant community of musicians and singers who come together to create beautiful music and spread joy through their performances.

It has been IE’s gateway to the world of sound art for years and is a place for anyone who appreciates the beauty in which a song or a melody can convey an emotion, tell a story or paint a picture.

It comprises a band of five instrumentalists and a vocal group of fifteen singers. They meet three to four times a week to rehearse and prepare for upcoming concerts and events. 

Right before a concert, our gatherings are somewhat intense since we try to go through the whole setlist. During the early periods, however, when we’re still figuring things out, it’s super fun since you get to see all the fails and bloopers,” says Annelia, a singer at the Music Club. 

Their latest big event was the Valentine’s Day concert, a charity event in collaboration with the IE Charity Club. The concert took place in the music room at the Creativity Center on Saturday 18th of February, and all proceeds went to a local Segovian charity.

The concert featured various songs from various genres, including Whitney Houston, Adele, Maneskin, and even Led Zeppelin!

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Image courtesy of @ieumusiclub on Instagram

In addition to the concerts, the Music Club also organizes jam sessions twice a semester. These events are open to anyone who likes to sing, play, or listen. 

These jam sessions are unofficial concerts that allow the club members, or really anyone interested, to showcase their skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.

So, who are the puppet masters behind all this?

Alua and Rami are the dynamic Co-presidents of the Music Club. They are both passionate about music and are determined to make the Music Club successful.

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Alua (co-president), Dani (guitarist), Gabriel (drummer), and Catalina (singer) – Image courtesy of @ieumusiclub on Instagram
Screen Shot 2023 02 23 at 3.25.07 PM
Alua (co-president and head of the vocal group) – Image courtesy of @ieumusiclub on Instagram
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Catalina and Emilie (Singers) – Image courtesy of @ieumusiclub on Instagram

As Co-presidents, Alua and Rami collaborate to decide on concert themes, dates, and song lists. Singers can choose their own songs, but Alua and Rami must approve them. Musicians can also pick songs, but the club’s presidents have the final say. 

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Dani (guitarist) and Rami (co-president) – Image courtesy of @ieumusiclub on Instagram

The pianists of the Music Club are Naji and Azure; they bring a unique perspective to the club.

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Naji (pianist) – Image courtesy of @ieumusiclub on Instagram

Each and every member has their own inspirations, aspirations, and origin stories. 

Catalina, for example, one of the singers, was inspired by her sister to start singing at a young age. 

Emilie, another talented singer in the group, driven by her passion for melodic music, has been a performer her entire life. 

Annelia, a talented singer and songwriter who has been singing forever, is driven by her love for rock music, inspired by her dad’s music taste. She has a song on the IE album, “Ad Break,” which she collaborated on with Nabila, a producer in the club.

The Music Club is also working on an album, which started last year with Xac managing the project. He is helping to produce and select songs that will be a part of the album. The first song, “Music for Mindset,” is open for anyone to participate, regardless of whether or not they are a part of the music club. Certain deadlines and criteria must be met to be a part of the album.

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Annelia (singer) – Image courtesy of @ieumusicclub on Instagram

But really, the Music Club is about more than just the music. It fosters bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.

We spend so much time together – especially the band – that we have become more like our own little family, as cliché as it sounds,” shares Emilie. “I’ve never seen a group of people so supportive of each other, and it’s always just good vibes.” 

It also awakens the talents that have been dormant for the longest time. 

I never really took piano seriously or thought it would be a part of my life as I’ve never had an opportunity like the one here at the Music Club,” says Naji.

As they continue to work on their album, the Music Club is excited to share their love of music with the IE community and beyond. So if you’re looking to get in on the action, apply to next year’s auditions, and you might get in. 

Even I got in, so your chances are pretty good!” Annelia laughs. 

Be sure to check them out on Instagram: @ieumusicclub!

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