Music For A Mindset II: IEU Music Club’s Newest Album


Prepare for an exciting musical adventure as the dynamic and innovative band of the IE Music Club gears up to release their highly anticipated new album, and be captivated by their unique blend of melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and genre-bending soundscapes.

Music For A Mindset is a collaboration between our Music Club, our Creativity Center, and XAS Musica.

From their humble indie beginnings to their current status as trailblazers, they have consistently pushed musical boundaries. They’ve impressed audiences, from students to faculty, with their fresh and experimental approach. They took their artistic prowess to new heights with their upcoming release.

Each song is a lyrical gem, offering insights into love, personal growth, and the complexities of our world. Their lyrics delve into universal themes with honesty and vulnerability. Let’s delve into more detail. 

I decided to interview a few of the IE Music Club members featured on the album to learn more about the album and the creation process, such as Alicia and Emiliana.

Could you describe the creative process behind the album?

Alicia: At the start of the academic year, musicians, producers, and songwriters had the choice to sign up for the opportunity to contribute to an album, which would be called Music for a Mindset II. This was a continuation of the album created in the 2021-2022 academic year, titled Music for a Mindset, which was generously made possible by the IEU Creativity Center.

Each one of us who decided to partake in the Music for a Mindset II project had unique and individual creative processes behind each song; some began directly with producers Xas or Nabeela – Annelia’s electro-pop song Ad Break or Emily Cole’s heartfelt Why Can’t You See – while others have clear indicators of their instrumental origins – Erick Portales and Alicia’s ‘Fine’ or Emiliana Botero’s full-band Meant to Say Goodbye.

Can you share exciting anecdotes or stories from the recording or writing process?

Alicia: The fantastic communications manager of the Music Club, Beatrice Naujalyte, created reels on our Instagram showcasing the process behind each song on the album. We’ve put a lot of work into promoting our album on the Instagram page and sharing funny anecdotes about the songwriting and recording experience.

Emiliana: For the song Meant to Say Goodbye, we were able to involve the band members of the Music Club in the song during the creative process. I wrote the song, and then Alicia and Rami came up with the music, and Daniel and Gabriel used their talent to make it sound even more amazing. It turned out so beautiful and couldn’t have come out any better without their help.

How does the album reflect the Music Club’s overall style and sound?

Emiliana: The best part of this album is that there is no specific genre to it, it showcases how individual we are as artists, how we approach our creative songwriting process and strategies in unique ways, and it makes the album much more enjoyable. It also shows how the Music Club isn’t just about performing covers in our concerts but that there is so much more talent in the club, and it’s exciting to share it this way.

Can you discuss any plans for promoting the album or upcoming live performances?

Casa Music Club music performance
Image courtesy of IE Connects

Alicia: The album is currently available on all streaming platforms, and we were lucky enough to showcase all six songs on the album during CASA, the Club Finale event at the Creativity Center on May 19th. It was an absolute honor to perform all the songs in front of the IE student body, staff, and members of the general public!

How will this album pave the way for the Music Club’s success and reputation? And where do you think you will go from here?

Alicia: This album is the second edition of Music for a Mindset, and another edition will likely occur in the following academic year. Time and time again, musicians of the Music Club get to show off their tastes, talents, and personal styles, allowing the Music for a Mindset album to showcase the unique melting pot of each academic year.

What are your expectations for the album’s reception and success?

Emiliana: Because there are so many different types of songs in the album, it is completely unknown how the album will succeed because any of the songs could be another type of hit or fan favorite. We’ve got a range from R&B to pop to Spanish, so these songs could all be a success in their way.

In a world craving artistic innovation, IE’s upcoming album shines as a beacon of creative brilliance. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting deeply resonant music sets them apart as true visionaries. So mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in IE’s latest creation—a testament to their artistic evolution and the power of music.

As the anticipation builds, this album promises to leave a lasting impact. So open your ears wide and embrace the magic as IE invites you on a musical journey that will leave you craving more.

To keep up to date with more creations and concerts by the IEU Music Club, check out their Instagram here.

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