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SEGOVIA – Full Interview with Matteo de Palma, Student Government Academic Officer, September 26th, 2019

On October 1st, the Stork posted a summary of its interview with Student Government’s Matteo de Palma. The article focused primarily on the Student Bar and some of the issues revolving around the SG. However, there have been additional requests to review the progress of the many other promises made. While a full list of de Palma’s responses to the promises had been included in the original article, it was ultimately removed due to length constraints. In an effort to fully disclose the interview and all the information gathered, the Stork is issuing this complementary piece regarding all of those responses.

As previously stated, all of these promises were taken from the Red Administration’s Instagram campaign account.

    1. The “Infos Platform”: de Palma explained that the Student Government is working together with Campus Life to utilize Instagram. “We’re trying to get a specific schedule [for stories] each day … Monday’s for clubs … Weekends [for] trips, [etc.].” For more details, Matteo told the Stork to speak with Communications Officer Lara van de Camp.
    2. More [Student] Discounts: “We’re currently working on that … that might be a little bit difficult.” Matteo explained the Student Government is making some headway near the Madrid Campus, but “nothing currently” in Segovia.
    3. Help Center: Matteo was uncertain of what the Help Center was, theorizing it may be part of the ‘Entrepreneurial Summit.’ He suggested the Stork speak with Segovian Community Development Officer Ricardo D’Ambrosio about the matter and entrepreneurship.
    4. Increasing Internships Opportunities and Helping Students Secure them: Matteo stated that Student Government is currently working with Career and Talents to increase student awareness of the office, while “of course … we’re going to try and increase the level of internships.”  Out of all the promises, de Palma assures, “that promise, I can say – it will be kept.
    5. Student Government Awareness: Matteo responded that the “Club Fair was quite a huge success” and there was a lot of interest in Student Government.
    6. The Student Bar: As stated in the previous article, there will be no bar on campus. However, Matteo testified that, at least in Madrid, it is “happening elsewhere.” 
    7. Weekend IE Leagues: de Palma admitted, “so far, nothing … [it’s] currently in the works … for more information on that, definitely speak to the IE Engagement club.”
    8. Improved Labs: “Currently … would have to bring that up with administration,” Matteo said, adding “it’s on the agenda.”
    9. The IE Cup: The Cup is “hand in hand [with the IE League],” as Matteo stated. There was no explanation why the events/organizations were posted as separate promises.
    10. Philanthropy: Matteo encouraged the Stork to speak to Student President Umberto Greco’s about his nonprofit  “Open Tabs” micro-financing project – for more information on that project, go to When questioned about working with the Philanthropy Club, however, Matteo stated they “have not yet spoken with them,” though they intended to work with them and the Ecology Club.
    11. Supporting Entrepreneurship: This question was skipped as per Matteo’s answer to the third promise.
    12. The Student/Alumni Network: “Stay alert,” Matteo said, and was hopeful about the possibilities for the future. “This is if they accept as well,” hinting the network is contingent on support from the graduate alumni.
    13. “Boosting” Academic Levels: When asked, Matteo gave no comment on the matter.
    14. “Class Attendance” to “Academic Contribution” Participation Grading: Matteo admits while some professors have begun the practice, this has been of their own accord, and has not yet been addressed by the Student Government.
    15. The English-Level of Professors: de Palma states they are currently working with university administration, but that students need to “keep an open mind.
Adam Rose
Adam Rose
Adam is an IEU Class of 2023 Business Administration and International Relations alumnus. A United Nations Millennium Ambassador and a UNSSC Social Impact Award Recipient, he has an affinity for strategic partnerships, sustainable enterprises, and crisis management. Adam has affiliations with societies such as MCN, Nova Talent, and the National Academy Foundation. He has served on the Stork's Advisory Board since its founding in 2020.

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