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Spain is by far one of the most beautiful countries in all of Europe. With their breathtaking scenery, great food, and rich culture it’s no wonder why it’s an undisputed stop on every traveler’s itinerary when they’re visiting Europe. With so many wondrous locations, each with its own unique sites, history, and activities it’s no surprise that deciding which ones to visit may come as a bit of a challenge. 

As IE students we are very lucky and blessed to live in such an amazing country whether that be experiencing life in Segovia or in Madrid. Below is a list of some of the favorite cities in Spain amongst IE students that are definitely worth visiting this summer!

Keep in mind that despite 2020 being over, we are still living in a pandemic and there are certain restrictions in different areas in Spain. Before making a conscious decision on traveling, make sure that you are vaccinated or are traveling with a negative PCR test along with a face mask and preferably antibacterial. 

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Valencia is a beautiful city with plenty of activities to enjoy. Valencia has a vibrant old center, cute little streets and mesmerizing medieval buildings that are sure to catch the eye. Since Valencia is right on the Mediterranean sea, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a nice sunny day on Malvarrosa beach while enjoying some delicious paella. If the beach isn’t your thing, you can always visit the ultra-modern City of the Arts and Sciences. This grand work of art has a great planetarium, an IMAX cinema, a botanical garden with native plant species, and beautiful surrounding pools. However the star of the show is the oceanarium, built in 2003, holding 45,000 animals from 500 different species and environments. 

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Cordoba is a fascinating Andalusian city which once was the greatest capital city of Europe! It even surpassed both Rome and Paris on an artistic, academic, and architectural level. If there is one thing you absolutely have to see is the striking Mezquita. Built in the 8th century, La Mezquita is considered to be the most striking monument done by islamic architecture. Just in front of this masterpiece you will find the roman bridge which is excellent to walk by and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Not far from both you can find Cordoba’s old town. It has a historic Jewish background as well as a Moorish atmosphere. Around you’ll encounter the Judería, a charming and cute labyrinth filled with streets and squares full of pretty colorful flowers and patios.

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Barcelona is probably one of the most popular cities in Spain. Oddly enough most people think about Barcelona rather than Madrid when it comes to Spain. Barcelona has a variety of places to visit. A must see is definitely Park Güel, it’s a public park made up of gardens and an interesting architecture. You’ll definitely get a chance to see a variety of birds and experience the feeling of walking down a fairytale gingerbread village. Another incredible building you have to see is the Sagrada Familia, a large unfinished Roman Catholic building envisioned in a classical Gothic style. 

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Marbella is both a resort area and a city located on Spain’s southern part in Costa del Sol, part of the Andalusian region. Marbella is a great place if you want to enjoy the beach life. There are tons of activities to do. You can go sailing, kayaking, swimming, hiking and more. Nightlife in Marbella is a lot of fun! You can walk by the pier, go to great restaurants and bars all by the beach! If you’re looking for a more exciting plan then it’s definitely worth going to Starlite. During the summer, Starlite hosts a lot of concerts outdoors. 

Spain has a lot more amazing cities, definitely worth exploring. These are some of the most common places IE students tend to visit. The advantage of being so close to these places is that we get to learn and experience a great culture and see more of the world. Traveling to these places is great if you go with a group of friends and even on your own. At the end of the day we can learn so much by going to these places while also creating memories to look back on one day. 

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