Segovia Campus Sports Courts Will Remain Closed


SEGOVIA – Over the weekend between September 14th and 15th, the new sports courts recently constructed at the Segovia Campus will be closed, informed Vice-Rector for Student Affairs. 

The courts were built last year to accommodate the growing need for a training space for the many athletic clubs at IE University. The training courts, which included a small artificial turf field and court suitable for both volleyball and basketball, were well received by the student body. Before their construction, many students had to travel large distances to reach a suitable sport court or field. The new courts solved the distance issue for court-based sports. Although the new artificial turf field is not large enough to host football practice, it had become a recreational space for informal matches after class or during students’ free time.

Despite the inconvenience, there is little disturbance to the athletic clubs which utilize the space for training. The space is used by several clubs such as the volleyball and basketball teams, however, these clubs do not practice over the weekend. The closure should not disrupt the schedule of any student sports team. The main disturbance comes as students will not be able to utilize the courts for recreational purposes or friendly scrimmages over the weekend.

It is unclear why the facilities will remain shut over the weekend. The Stork was unable to retrieve a comment from the university Student Life department, or any other entity authorized to speak on the matter.

The courts should be available once again starting Monday, September 16.

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