Pasapan in Segovia: Hit or Miss?


Pasapan is a restaurant located in Segovia, at Calle Colón 5, that takes its name from the old folktale of a silhouette of a sleeping woman. It is also homonymous with one of the peaks of the famous Sierra de Guadarrama. The restaurant hopes to achieve an elegant, modern take on traditional cuisine; they define this approach as “traditional cuisine of the 21st century”.

While both the history that inspired the restaurant and its motto are interesting, what intrigued me the most was their accessibility due to a user-friendly website and attention to food intolerances and allergies. Thus, my friends and I decided to try out this hidden gem in Segovia, yet it wasn’t as easy as I first thought. My first recommendation for those who want to try out Pasapan is to try and reserve at least 24 hours beforehand, or even 48 hours for the weekend.

When you first arrive at Pasapan, you will notice a sophisticatedly curated space with three ambiances, although the restaurant’s interior architecture hides away the two other dining spaces. The first one, right at the entrance, occupies a bar and high chairs: it seems to be a great place to enjoy drinks while being in contact with Segovia through the windows. The second dining space is less lit than the first one and it’s surrounded by wine bottles, which makes it ideal for romantic, candle-lit dates. The last space, where we were seated, is a well-lit and comfortable dining area. 

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So far our experience in Pasapan had proved one thing, it was a mindfully created restaurant with an emphasis on the diner’s experience. As a pescetarian, I was very appreciative of the three menus they offer: firstly, their classic menu, which offers a variety of meat cuts, and dishes including but not limited to fried oxtail, tacos, lasagna or croquettes. Their second menu is the veggie menu, which has several salad options, ravioli, a veggie burger, and the meat alternative made infamous by Tiktok, seitan. Lastly, they have a gluten-free menu, but this menu doesn’t offer new dishes; rather, it is more of a collection of food already in the other 2 menus. Pasapan also offers a menu of the day offer, like many other Segovian restaurants, for lunchtime between Tuesday to Friday.

We ordered the potatoes with 3 dips as a starter to share, it was a simple dish made worthy by the quality. Later on, for our main dishes, I got the shrimp salad with a sweet and sour red dressing. The shrimp were fried, over a variety of leafy greens such as swiss chard, arugula, and turnip greens, and topped with walnuts and crab chips. My friends ordered the lasagna as well as the chicken quesadilla. Even though I was unable to share the food with them due to dietary preferences, we have to take their word for it when they described their food as “saucy, with the right amount of spice and delicious”.

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Papas arrugás con tres salsas
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Quesadilla de pollo de corral al chilindrón

Our experience at Pasapan was quite peaceful, the service was fast and the staff members were incredibly nice. It is important to note that you can request ingredients to be omitted from your order as well as pair them with wine and beer. When it comes to prices, our bill came to a total of 45 euros. On average, the price per person comes to around 15 Euros.

IMG 8434 1
Lasaña de ternera con queso de oveja gratinado
IMG 8428 2
Ensalada de langostinos panko

Overall, Pasapan proves to be a restaurant that is in fact traditional with a touch of modern. Their clientele seemed to be more families yet with the great food, accessible website that offers menus in different languages and displays food allergies, as well as its proximity to Plaza, it could definitely be a great place for IE students such as ourselves. Our overall ratings out of ten were as follows:

  • Overall Experience: 8/10
  • Potato with 3 Dips: 7/10
  • Shrimp Salad: 8.5/10
  • Quesadilla: 8/10
  • Lasagna: 10/10

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