Weekend Activities: Discovering Leisure Gems Beyond the Segovia Campus


Weekends in Segovia can be tricky. With it being a small town, it is easy to feel like you’ve done it all in a few months. It is undeniable that visiting Madrid could be the solution for a boring weekend but this can get expensive and a bit repetitive. Here I offer you some exciting and budget-friendly activities available right in Segovia and its surroundings that can boost your weekend plans.

Tourist Spots

Most of you have been living in Segovia for a few months now, some even for more than a year. It can feel that you already know everything that there is to see here but, do you really know all the history embedded in the walls around you? If you have only been around or outside the main Segovia sites, the Cathedral and the Alcázar for example, I strongly recommend visiting and taking in the full experience. Since we live right next to them, we can easily take for granted the magnificence of these historic buildings. It will be a nice way to learn Spanish history and make you enjoy this magical town even more. 

A nice way to learn more about Segovia is on the new city-tour buses. You might have seen them driving around the Aqueduct making the city look like London on a rainy day. It could be a fun morning plan to play tourists with your friends as you learn about this one-of-a-kind town.

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Going to the cinema is a great activity to do with your friends or by yourself. Nothing hits like a bag of fresh movie theatre popcorn. A 15-minute taxi ride will get you to either of the cinemas in Segovia. The first one, Cines Luz de Castilla, is located inside a shopping mall. The second theatre, Cine Artesite Segovia, is located near Dreamfit. Attending the movies can help you practice your Spanish and experience the particularities of Spanish cinema. If those are not your cup of tea, don’t worry, both cinemas offer movies in English.

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Local Museums

Being such a picturesque and historical town, it is no surprise that Segovia has museums for anyone to enjoy. The Museo de Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente is a personal favorite. Located behind Plaza de las Sirenas, the museum is a three-story building filled with different kinds of displays of contemporary art. The entrance is free and the museum often has a mixture of both permanent pieces and exhibitions. 

Another great option is the Casa Museo de Antonio Machado. As the name implies, this museum used to be the house of Antonio Machado, a celebrated Spanish poet who was one of the founders of the Universidad Popular en Segovia. With a free entrance on Wednesdays, this attraction is a must-see! 

Lastly, I recommend visiting La Real Casa de la Moneda. Does the name sound familiar? It’s because this is the museum next to the Creativity Center! Free on Wednesdays as well, the Casa de la Moneda allows you to take a look into the coin-making process in Segovia hundreds of years ago. A great visit with multiple displays for history enthusiasts.

museo antonio machado
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Nearby Towns 

If you want to explore more of Spain and experience the culture of the different towns, here are some places close to Segovia you can visit for one day or for the weekend:

  • San Idelfonso: Inside the province of Segovia, San Idelfonso is home to El Palacio Real de La Granja. This palace is a beautiful example of 18th-century architecture. Every room inside the place is decorated from floor to ceiling with gorgeous paintings, breathtaking tapestries, and astonishing architecture. Outside its walls, there are multiple outdoor viewpoints where you can take in the landscape around the palace. Right under it, you can find the magnificent gardens of La Granja. A walk around the soothing greenery and statues is a must-do around the Versailles-inspired Palace. The town of San Idelfonso also has multiple restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a cute lunch after your visit.  
  • Coca: Surrounded by an imposing forest mass and the Voltoya and Eresma Rivers, Coca is one of the oldest populated settlements on the Iberian Peninsula. The town offers sights of castles and structures worth seeing. Fun fact, the archeology department at IE University is working on a Virtual Reality Project to rekindle tourism in the town and educate visitors on the deep history within its walls. If you want to know more, watch the videos made by students from the Communications Lab last year on the project.
  • Valladolid: This city offers the looks of Madrid with the small-town essence of Segovia; a perfect blend for a day trip. Being named the capital of Spain for five years during the 17th century, Valladolid is a lively city with charming locations all over. Explore Plaza Mayor and the Catedral de Valladolid, both significant historical landmarks of the city that offer a glimpse into Spain’s architectural legacy. If you are into them, the town has many art museums with a free entrance that you can enjoy after exploring the city.
palacio en la granja
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Madrid has a lot to offer, it’s one of the top cities in Europe after all. However, the streets of Segovia hold so much history and culture worth learning about. I hope this small guide gave you some inspiration for your future weekend plans. First-years, take your time exploring this magical town and make it feel like home. Second-years, enjoy your last year in the lovely Segovia and experience it to the fullest before your next chapter.

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