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Certainly, as a non-student athlete, it can sometimes be easy to forget to keep fit as you balance your academics and socializing. You are at university to pursue your academic goals and sustain a healthy mentality, but one must not forget the importance of physical exercise. Though Segovia may offer less than most of us are used to, it is still packed with opportunity to indulge in fitness. 

Discover some of the best ways to keep fit as an IE University student in Segovia… 

At IE (Segovia campus)

Extending from its classrooms, the Segovia campus encourages you to get your fitness in! You can access the football court, basketball court and installed outdoor gym all past the cafeteria between or after classes to get a source of exercise. This can also be a fun means to socialize with your friends and peers!

Additionally, you can join one or a multitude of sports clubs IEU has to offer. Keep an eye out for new ones as more clubs form, especially at the beginning of the year when they are most advertised!

ie gym field
Courtesy of IE University

The gym

The gym is the place-to-go to get fitness inspired; you are surrounded by health-nuts everywhere you look!

Gabriel de Olaguibel, a first-year BCSAI student, has made going to the local Segovia gym, Dreamfit, a part of his daily routine. “For me, staying fit as an IE student does not only involve going to the gym daily but also maintaining a proper diet and recovery sequence.” He adds, “Overall, it provides me with a feeling of completion and constant growth. Working out has really changed my life for the better and I wouldn’t be able to go about my day without it.”

Like de Olaguibel, Cristina Lorenzo, another first-year BCSAI student, goes to Dreamfit everyday too, and says: “doing exercise helps me relieve stress and also makes me feel well.”

Picture courtesy of Dreamfit gym


Alternatively, if you would rather enjoy your exercise with a view, give running a shot!  Segovia pervades beautiful scapes that look exceptionally beautiful now with the autumnal weather. 

David A. Bickford, a first-year BBA / DBA student, runs twice a day: “once in the morning and once in the afternoon.” Exercising makes him feel more “accomplished, increases [his] good mood, and decreases stress.”

image 2
Recommended route – Image courtesy of David A. Bickford 

Karl Mathet, a first-year BIR student, feels a similar way about running. “I am at peace when I go running; I have no preoccupations and my assignments are finished.” He adds, “I try to run as often as possible when I don’t have work to do, which is often at midnight or 1:00 AM.”

Mathet recommends running in the hills or around the Alcazar, but a habitual route he has created comes from doing “a big buckle around the old city, going from the Aqueduct to the other side of town.”

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 04 at 22.13.53
Image courtesy of Gabriel de Olaguibel

Eating healthily

The campus’ cafeteria does their best to keep us healthy. Opt for a customizable salad as an entree at the salad bar, and some fruit for dessert. Balance is key to a healthy diet.

Outside of campus, visit Segovia’s healthy food spot: Selfish Poke. Buy a fixed poke bowl menu, or customize one yourself to add all of your favorite nutrient-packed foods. 

selfish poke
Picture courtesy of Selfish Poke

De Olaguibel elaborates on his meals: “maintaining my diet involves eating six meals a day as well as proper use of supplements.”

If you’re thinking of taking a step to improve your health, don’t doubt to follow these tips and start your new life today!

Sofia Renard Kerkoc
Sofia Renard Kerkoc
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